Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Catholic bishops risk own-goal by attacking Biden on abortion rights

... administration, Biden is under fire from American Catholic bishops who argue his support for abortion rights should make him ineligible to receive communion ...

I’m grateful to Biden for so many things, including the ability watch The Handmaid’s Tale as entertainment, not as a potential foreboding reality. - Emily Bandwin



The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans
Liz Cheney should take Kevin McCarthy quail hunting. - Irishrygirl


Well, Well, Well. Here Comes Da Judge.
A federal judge has ordered the Department of Justice (DOJ) to release a March 2019 legal memo clearing former President Trump of potential obstruction of justice charges following the Mueller investigation, with the judge accusing former Attorney General William Barr and agency lawyers of deceiving the public.

The short version: the Mueller Report found that Trump committed 11 federal felonies and Barr covered it up, exactly as many of us said 2 years ago. For 2 years, those who said the Mueller Report found crimes took s*** because Barr lied to a federal court. - Seth Abramson


It's way too underreported that Victoria Toensing phones were also seized by the FBI. - Scott Steadman


Republican Shenanigans

McCarthy Blasts Liz Cheney For Refusing To Accept Trump As Her Personal Savior. - Andy Borowitz


Please, CNN, Get Rid of Santorum.
CNN analyst Rick Santorum's claim that he misspoke during a recent speech where he said there was “nothing here” when the United States was founded did little to diminish anger against him. The National Congress of American Indians on Tuesday renewed calls for CNN to fire the former Pennsylvania senator. The group's president, Fawn Sharp, called Santorum arrogant for comments made to Chris Cuomo on Monday night. 

It turns out Republicans don't understand the 1st Amendment any better than the 2nd. - Middle Age Riot



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Rock The Voter News

The only way expanded background checks take away your 2nd amendment rights is if you're:

1. a criminal, 
2. insane, or 
3. a terrorist.  

And if you're all 3 of those things, you're probably already a lobbyist for the NRA. - John Fugelsang



Liz Cheney Is Just Gonna Sit Back and Watch

Just a gentle reminder that somewhere right now, George Clooney is quietly toiling away at his docuseries to expose what really happened with Jim Jordan during the OSU Wrestling scandal. - Jake Lobin




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Business/Tech News


President Biden: "I think it's 35 or 30 corporations didn't pay a single solitary penny last year and they're Fortune 500 companies. They made $400 billion. They paid no taxes. How can that make any sense?"


Trump Banned From Facebook For Another 6 Months
Former President Donald Trump will remain banned on Facebook for now, the Facebook Oversight Board announced Wednesday, adding that Facebook must review the matter in the next six months to determine a defined penalty.

Trump Says Social Network He Just Told Eric and Don Jr. To Invent Will Be Much Bigger Than Facebook. - Andy Borowitz

I admit it: part of me was hoping the second vaccine would turn me into a handsome patriotic super soldier. - Conan O'Brien




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