Wednesday, January 6, 2021


Due to the presence of pro-Trump protesters, both chambers of Congress are now being locked down.

Where are the SWAT Teams, the tear gas, the friggin' police?


Mood Before Terrorists Broke Into The Capitol
Raphael Warnock beats Republican Kelly Loeffler in runoff election, while Jon Ossoff leads David Perdue by about 17000 votes.

During a tantrum over his election loss, Donald Trump held his breath until Georgia turned blue. - Middle Age Riot


The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

I’m a white Englishman in the UK. The elections in Georgia have absolutely nothing to do with me, and quite frankly, my soft boiled egg, cup of tea and the cats happiness should be far more important, but,
Stacey Abrams, Raphael Warnock & Jon Ossoff have really made my day.  - jestershead tweet



MAGAists Harass Mitt Romney At Airport. Oooo, Trump Must Be Impressed!
...One target of the fury as the MAGAists began their journeys was Sen. Mitt Romney, who had the misfortune of running into Trump supporters while waiting for a flight from Salt Lake City to the capital. A video shows an angry and apparently maskless woman approaching the senator to voice her confused anger about him not supporting Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud and subsequent attempts to reverse the result.

I woke up elated and now I’m sick to my stomach. - Preet Bharara


Republican Shenanigans

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. - Hillary Clinton tweet


She Was Smart At The Sex Trade But Stupid At Technology
Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell was tracked down by the FBI using data from her mobile phone, a court document reveals.

Loeffler ran ads darkening Warnock’s skin and Perdue ran ads enlarging Ossoff’s nose and I’m not done thinking about that. - Akela Lacy


If I worked in National Security right now, I would be wondering how many folks Erik Prince has in this crowd and what they will do when it gets dark.  - Noel Casler


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Joe Biden nominating Merrick Garland for US AG on the same day Mitch McConnell lost the Senate is NEXT LEVEL GANGSTA. - Jeremy Newberger

James Comey Needs To Go Into Total Isolation. Forever.
Donald Trump should not be federally prosecuted once he leaves the White House no matter how much evidence has been amassed against him, the former FBI director James Comey writes in a new book.

Trump Accuses Georgia Democrats of Widespread Voting. - Andy Borowitz



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Business/Tech News

Cannabis Stocks Soar Over Anticipation Of Democratic Senate

How does this end? - Sarah Cooper




These Fools Storming Capitol Hill Are About To Find Out 
What It Is Like To Be A Domestic Terrorist

The National Guard From Virginia, Maryland and D.C. are headed to the Capitol


Time To Deflate Photo
Amphibious bicycle, 1939. Why isn't he riding it in the water?


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