Friday, November 13, 2020

What will Trump's next move be?

The president has refused to concede to Biden and his administration has rejected any appearance of assisting with the transfer of power.

Once we figure out this whole president thing, we need to go back and check up on all that alien news from 2020 bc I feel like there were like 9 stories confirming that aliens exist and we were just like “not now!” - Zach Bornstein

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Biden Could Receive Classified Intelligence Just by Hanging Out in Mar-a-Lago Dining Room. - Andy Borowitz



I Wonder If Steve Bannon Would Be Banned If He Threatened To Behead Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook FB.O Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg told an all-staff meeting on Thursday that former Trump White House adviser Steve Bannon had not violated enough of the company's policies to justify his suspension when he urged the beheading of two senior U.S. officials, according to a recording heard by Reuters.

Donald Trump won't run for president in 2024 because he will either be in jail, out of the country, or in the ground. - Middle Age Riot


Republican Shenanigans


Nation Celebrates Full Week of Trump Not Talking. - Andy Borowitz



I Imagine The Secret Service Will Secretly Cheer When Trump Leaves The White House
More than 130 Secret Service officers who help protect the White House and the president when he travels have recently been ordered to isolate or quarantine because they tested positive for the coronavirus or had close contact with infected co-workers, according to three people familiar with agency staffing.

This coronavirus lockdown is brought to you by the new reality TV show The Worst President Ever Doesn't Care if You Live or Die. - Middle Age Riot



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I look forward to having no idea who Joe Biden's postmaster general is. - Jeff Tiedrich


Rock The Voter News

Christiane Amanpour Slams Trump

I hope Trump goes back to hosting celebrity apprentice but this time whenever he tries to fire anyone, they sue him and refuse to leave. - Sarah Cooper


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Nation Regrets Not Signing Prenup After Finding Out Trump Entitled To Half Of Country’s Assets. - The Onion


A new study claims people who don’t exercise are more likely to be depressed, especially if they just lost the Presidential election. - Conan O'Brien



The Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was designed by Spanish neofuturistic architect Santiago Calatrava. Just stunning.


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