Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Biden Concerned That Federal Investigations into Ex-President Trump Will Further Divide The Country: Report

Biden Concerned That Federal Investigations into Ex-President Trump Will Further Divide The Country: Report
President-elect Joe Biden and his team would rather move the country forward once he assumes office, rather than prosecute President Donald Trump, according to a new report.
NBC spoke to multiple sources close to the Biden team who say he’s “wary” of launching federal investigations into his opponent, fearful it’ll undermine his attempts to reunite the country. Instead, Biden reportedly wants to reset the relationship between the White House and the Justice Department, and move away from directing federal law enforcement in terms of what to focus on.


I imagine Joe won't be telling his attorney general who to investigate, as Trump did..

Remember that time we won World War II and everyone said "now we must reach out to the Nazi party and repair the divide"? - Randi Mayem Singer

 Monarchical uniform that Nixon ordered White House guards to wear until he was ridiculed for it, 1970.

Love the holster!


The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Trump's tombstone will read



What In The World Turned Lindsey Graham Into An Amoral Rat?

Imagine aliens watching us right now.

Global pandemic. 

54.8m cases.

1.3m dead.

*aliens pause to observe us*

“Oh, look. They sent three humans into space.” - Elle DeSylva 

Republican Shenanigans

Bezos Apologizes For Accidentally Shipping Obama's Book To Oval Office. - Andy Borowitz

99% of This Could Have Been Avoided IF Everyone Wore A Mask


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If Hillary Clinton was tweeting that she won the election a week after she lost the election she would’ve already been declared persona non grata by her own party. - Sarah Cooper


Rock The Voter News

I wish I lived in a country where John Bolton, John Kelly and James Mattis had at least half the balls of Mary L. Trump, Sally Yates, Marie Yovanovitch, Fiona Hill, Reality Winner, Christine Blasey Ford, or Stormy Daniels. - Andrea Junker

I heard this year Melania's Christmas decorations will be Jackie Kennedy's dead trees. - Renee Libby



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Business/Tech News
Giuliani Arrives in Ukraine to Look for More Votes. - Andy Borowitz


There are Trump supporters outside my parents’ house shouting through megaphones “Lock Her Up,” and I just keep thinking, I hope they’re wearing masks and some day get over 2016. - Chelsea Clinton tweeted on 11/15/20



Today has been worse than yesterday when I put away anything that could be swept away by the feeder band wind.
 Hurricane Iota is supposed to cross Central America over the next 2-3 days. So far, I haven't been swept out to sea! 


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Two Mountains Canyon in Costa Rica. Now that is a primordial canyon. I can almost hear a Tyrannosaurus Rex growling.

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