Monday, June 8, 2020

Trump’s job approval falls amid racial unrest, while Biden jumps to 14-point lead

Trump’s job approval falls amid racial unrest, while Biden jumps to 14-point lead
The CNN poll reported that only 38 percent of respondents approve of the “way Donald Trump is handling his job as president.”

Friendly reminder that nurses have to restrain violent, confused, intoxicated, and belligerent people all the time. 
And we make it happen without crushing anyone’s windpipe.  - Nurse Curry tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

I personally think it's really cool how we all went from learning how to make banana bread to learning how to abolish the police in a matter of weeks. - Asma Nizami 

All He Had To Do Was Wear A Mask, But Noooo
President Donald Trump traveled to Maine Friday to tour a facility that makes medical swabs used for coronavirus testing, but the swabs manufactured in the background during his visit will ultimately be thrown in the trash, the company said.    

LINCOLN FREED THE SLAVES screams the party that just blocked anti-lynching legislation. - Jeff Tiedrich

Republican Shenanigans

I love how Mitt Romney reappears once every three months to outshine the entire Republican Party by doing the absolute least. - Louis Virtel

If you buy Bolton's book, you're sending money to a man who shirked his duty to testify before Congress so he could make a profit selling that book to you. - Walter Shaub

Dallas Judge Says No To GOP Convention
 Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins — the ultimate authority on whether a mass gathering can be held during COVID-19 — ruled out bringing the Republican National Convention to Dallas, saying Saturday that the event is too big to be safe.
He cited the current “code red” rating from the county’s Public Health Committee. At that risk level, people should stay home and avoid crowds.

Not all cops push senior citizens to the ground! The rest of them step over his unmoving body while blood spills from his ears so they can go arrest peaceful protesters


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3 million students attend schools with cops, but no nurses. - ACLU tweet

Rock The Voter News

You know, Barack and I never went down to the bunker. They tell me it had cobwebs from lack of use during our 8 years. Never actually seen the bunker. I called up Barack, he said he's never seen it either. - Joe Biden

Minneapolis Police Slashed Tires
After long nights of tear gas and rubber bullets, some protesters, news crews, and medics in Minneapolis last weekend found themselves stranded: The tires of their cars had been slashed. 
In a city upended by protests about police brutality after the death of George Floyd, many assumed protesters were to blame. But videos reveal a different culprit: the police. 

There are no white people in the Bible.Take all the time you need with that. - John Horton


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Business/Tech News

Eric Trump Requests Meeting With Barron To Determine Whether They Are Uncle And Nephew Or Brothers Or What. - The Onion

Trump Picks Fight With NFL, Again
President Donald Trump drew scorn on Monday after he apparently moved to reignite his feud with the NFL on whether athletes should be allowed to kneel during the national anthem.
As George Floyd protests gripped the nation last week with renewed calls for racial justice, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement last week admitting the league was wrong on how to deal with their athletes peacefully protesting police brutality.

Back in 2017, after John McCain had spoken out about Trump’s policies, I saw him before an Armed Services comm meeting and asked what it was going to take to get other Rs to speak out. He said “Claire, it’s gonna take his approval rating to get down to mid 30’s.” Today it’s 38. - Claire McCaskill



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Seven Colors Mountain, China. Mother Nature does some stunning work, doesn't she?


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