Thursday, April 30, 2020

Congratulations, you successfully made it to the end of April

US intelligence says it's investigating COVID-19's origins
U.S. intelligence agencies in a rare public statement Thursday said they agreed with "the widespread scientific consensus" that the COVID-19 virus was "not man made or genetically modified" but also that they are investigating whether it emerged from a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

2016: 30,000 emails.

2020: 60,000 dead. - Middle Age Riot

America getting ready to reopen

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Since the U.S. death toll surpassed 60,000 yesterday, Trump has tweeted about: 
-Michael Flynn 
-Brian Williams 
-Don Lemon 
-Joe Scarborough 
-Roger Stone 
-His poll numbers 
-Jim Comey 
-Hillary Clinton’s campaign 
-Rep. Jim Ryun’s birthday- Philip Rucker, Washington Post

After One Tweet to Trump This Man Got $69 Million From New York For Ventilators
The Silicon Valley engineer, who had no background in medical supplies but was recommended by the White House, never delivered the ventilators.

Electing Donald Trump to drain the swamp is the political equivalent of drinking bleach to kill the coronavirus. - Middle Age Riot

Republican Shenanigans

Class Warfare is when top 1% uses the media to instruct you that a slight tax increase on the top 1% is Class Warfare. - John Fugelsang

Another Rat Flees The Sinking Ship
Joe Grogan, the top domestic policy adviser to President Donald Trump, who has played a key role in health policy and the coronavirus response, is set to leave the White House next month, he confirmed to POLITICO.

Jared Kushner spinning the current death count as a win is so on brand. It’s like Jared calling his father a law-abiding citizen, or himself fully human. - Rick Wilson


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I have a fun idea: why don’t we have Trumps personal doctor/ carny inject Trump with the coronavirus and then we can test out all his ideas on him and his family? There will be light everywhere. The best lights. Inside and out. - Chelsea Handler

Rock The Voter News

Once again, Trump said he inherited "broken" Covid-19 tests from Barack Obama.
Covid-19 DID NOT EXIST when Obama was President. - Mikel Jollett


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Business/Tech News

I wonder when Trump loses in 2020, if he'll end up a commentator on FOX news. - Erin Rogers

Texas Universities Will Reopen In The Fall, With Football
Texas Tech and Texas A&M universities are planning to reopen their campuses in the fall, the schools announced this week as states begin to loosen restrictions related to the coronavirus. 

40 years from now, when Millennials complain about how bad they had it:
"Okay, Plaguer." - George Takei



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Hubble Marks 30 Years in Space With Tapestry of  a Blazing Starbirth. A bit of beauty is much needed at this time.


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