Monday, November 11, 2019

Happy Veterans Day.

Trump NYC Veterans Day speech met with protests
President Trump on Monday hailed the legacy of the American armed forces in a Veterans Day speech that came against the backdrop of protests and political turmoil that has engulfed his presidency.

Happy Veterans Day! The current POTUS attacked a Gold Star family, stole from the VA, and flew the American flag at full staff after McCain died as a f*ck you to a dead veteran, but at least he never did anything really disrespectful to our troops like kneel during a song. - OhNoSheTwint

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

VA To Improve Veterans’ Health Care With New $500 Million Waiting Room - The Onion

I 💓 New York
President Trump didn’t get much of a warm welcome back from his not-so-dearly departed hometown.
Trump, who recently gave up his lifetime New York residency for Florida, faced “lock him up” chants and anti-Trump banners suspended from overlooking apartment windows as he kicked off the city’s Veterans Day parade in Madison Square Park in Manhattan on Monday.
Speaking behind bullet-proof plexiglass, Trump tried his best to drown out a throng of protesters shouting and blowing whistles outside the park’s west entrance.

Remember during all the Benghazi investigations when Obama blocked access to documents and refused to let Hillary testify? of course you don't. Obama handed over everything and Hillary sat for 11 hours straight, because they had nothing to hide and they aren't dipsh*t man-babies. - Jeff Tiedrich

Republican Shenanigans

Republicans Demand That Everyone in Witness-Protection Program Appear on National TV. - Andy Borowitz

Don Jr & Blow Up Doll Get Booed By Their Base
Donald Trump Jr ventured on to the University of California’s overwhelmingly liberal Los Angeles campus on Sunday, hoping to prove what he had just argued in his book – that a hate-filled American left was hell-bent on silencing him and anyone else who supported the Trump presidency.
But the appearance backfired when his own supporters, diehard Make America Great Again conservatives, raised their voices most loudly in protest and ended up drowning him out barely 20 minutes into an event scheduled to last two hours.
The audience was angry that Trump Jr and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, would not take questions.

Would you rather read Don Jr’s book or get pepper sprayed? - Jesse Lifson


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Rock The Voter News

Republicans Demand Hillary Clinton Testify At Impeachment Hearings About Role In Benghazi. - Andy Borowitz

Dumb-Ass Trumpers Out Wrong Guy
Former Obama White House staffer R. David Edelman woke up Thursday to a bizarre new reality: Many people on the pro-Trump internet were convinced that he was the anonymous whistleblower at the heart of the impeachment proceedings. 
And then the death threats started. 

Glad I get to spend my Veterans Day defending my father's legacy from internet troglodytes. Apparently he started the Forrestal fire, and ISIS, and singlehandedly marched the NVA into Saigon when the city fell. He probably faked the moon landing too. Love me the internets. - Jack McCain


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Business/Tech News

In this age of polarization, it’s reassuring that the left and the right can agree on one thing: Donald Trump Jr is a f*cking asshole. - Andy Borowitz

Trump To Consider Flavored Vaping Ban
President Trump on Monday said he will meet with representatives of the e-cigarette industry as he considers a ban on the sale of flavored vaping products.
"Will be meeting with representatives of the Vaping industry, together with medical professionals and individual state representatives, to come up with an acceptable solution to the Vaping and e-cigarette dilemma," Trump tweeted.




Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

An old teapot turned into a birdhouse. No charge for the drainage system.


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