Monday, September 23, 2019

Trump's Hold on Military Aid Blindsided Top Ukrainian Officials

Trump's Hold on Military Aid Blindsided Top Ukrainian Officials
Senior Ukrainian officials said they were blindsided over the summer when they heard the United States would withhold security assistance to the country.
“It was a total surprise,” said Pavlo A. Klimkin, who was Ukraine’s foreign minister in August when he learned of the Trump administration’s suspension of military aid by reading a news article.

Trump is in New York and there seems to be no major protests planned against him. We suck. - Roland Scahill

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

A passenger boarding the United plane I’m on just stopped in front of me, punched my shoulder, and said “you all better get your act together and impeach him.” - Rep. Eric Swalwell

Former President Who Normalized Torture Thinks He "Looks Pretty Good" Compared To Trump
Former President George W. Bush often jokes that President Trump's administration makes his own former White House team look "pretty good," according to a Republican source.
The former Republican president regularly knocks the current administration, a source close to the Trump administration told National Journal, unable to understand why the White House often seems to be in chaos. 

Has Trump hired The Secretary of The Fence yet? - Jesse Lifson

Republican Shenanigans

The GOP would have impeached President Email Lady for using the wrong fork. - Jeff Tiedrich

I'm old enough to remember when a conversation between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on a tarmac made Republicans scream bloody murder. - Julia Ioffe

Keep the Pressure On Pelosi!
Moderate Dems eye impeachment as Ukraine furor builds. If the vulnerable lawmakers shift course, it will put real pressure on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to embrace Trump's ouster.

2018 GM profits: $10,800,000,000
2018 GM CEO salary: $22,000,000
Amount GM wants to increase workers’ healthcare costs: 500%
This country does not suffer from scarcity. We suffer from corporate greed. - Rep. Ilhan Omar


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Imagine how different things would be if Dems had as much courage to do what’s right as Republicans have to do what’s wrong. - The Hoarse Whisperer

Rock The Voter News

You know, the argument has been, “Why impeach Trump if the Senate won’t vote to remove him from office?”
But the Dems in the House have passed huge numbers of bills that they KNOW the Senate won’t act on. Still, they do their job. So that argument doesn’t really hold up for me. - George Takei

I Yearn For The Day Not To Hear His Whining
President Donald Trump on Monday revived his beef with the selection committee that awards the Nobel Peace Prize, claiming that the process is rigged against him.
Speaking to reporters before a bilateral meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, Trump asserted that “I would get a Nobel prize for a lot of things, if they give it out fairly, which they don't.”

If Liz Warren tweets a selfie in front of Air Force One with the caption “I Have A Plane For That” she should automatically become president. - OhNoSheTwint


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Trump Encouraged By Poll Showing His Supporters Do Not Know What a Ukraine Is - And Borowitz

Business/Tech News

Naturally Trump had to do something drastic about vaping, since lunatics keep mowing down dozens of innocent people with e-cigarettes. I guess the vaping lobby doesn't have the kind of money the NRA has. - John Leguizamo

Good Job, FBI!
The FBI has arrested a U.S. soldier who allegedly discussed plans to bomb a major American news network, planned to travel to Ukraine to fight with violent far-right group Azov Battalion and allegedly distributed information online on how to build bombs. He also allegedly suggested targeting Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke.

The same folks who don’t believe in climate change believe in Noah’s Ark. - Justin Horowitz



Humanity is doomed

Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Is that a Cottonwood tree?


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