Thursday, July 4, 2019

How times have changed

It has been 243 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence from Britain. Britain is now seeking independence from the European Union and the United States is cuddling up to dictators and caging children.

The United States of America has become what we broke away from in 1776, a cruel "Christian" nation.

I suggest we all take a break this holiday weekend to celebrate the good that is still America -- our natural wonders, our families, and the Declaration of Independence which is still in effect.

In other words, be as Trump-free as possible. You deserve it.

I plan on puttering around my casita today (the outside is being painted) and grilling some hot dogs with Tico friends. Other plans include watching the sunset from the shores of  Costa Rica while hoping the USA regains its compassion because that is why we broke away from England -- we cared more for our fellow human beings than the crown.

Peace on earth.

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