Tuesday, July 2, 2019

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House Democrats sue for Trump's tax returns
House Democrats on Tuesday sued for President Trump’s tax returns, marking the beginning of a high-stakes legal fight over his efforts to keep his taxes secret.
Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass.) filed suit in federal court to enforce a subpoena for the records rejected in May by the administration.

In the Trump administration, conflicts of interest are basically a job requirement:
A conflicted shipping heiress runs DOT
An oil lobbyist runs DOI
A coal lobbyist runs EPA
A pharma exec runs HHS
A Boeing exec runs DOD
A Verizon lawyer runs FCC
A banking exec runs Treasury - Public Citizen tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Any parade for Donald Trump that doesn't include tar, feathers, and a rail is a waste of marching. - Middle Age Riot

What's Up With Pence Cancelling?
Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday abruptly canceled a planned appearance at a New Hampshire opioid event to remain in Washington.
Pence’s office said in a statement that the change of plans is “no cause for alarm.”

I’m fully expecting Trump to misspell ‘tank’ in a tweet this week. - Roland Scahill

Republican Shenanigans

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Returns To Off-Season Lifeguarding Job  - The Onion

But Their Emails!
Texas has passed a new law that lets lawmakers conceal their emails and other communications from public scrutiny, as they prepare to redraw the state’s voting maps.
The law’s Republican authors, North Texas' Rep. Charlie Geren and Sen. Kelly Hancock, billed it as a housekeeping matter, a routine update to rules governing how lawmakers retain records and run debates. It passed easily with almost no discussion and little media attention. 

New Evidence Proves First Flag Made By Betsy Ross Actually Shirt For Gay Friend - The Onion


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Rock The Voter News

I'm grateful to the members of Congress who have visited camps at the border over the last couple of days to hold a light to the nightmarish conditions there. 
We need more oversight. We need accountability. We need them now. - Hillary Clinton tweeted today

Arizona Gov Wants To Punish Nike
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) on Tuesday announced that he will ask the state's commerce authority to pull financial incentives for Nike after the company decided not to release a Betsy Ross flag sneaker.

FEMALES!! Whatever you do #AvoidAlabama LIKE THE PLAGUE!  It’s 2019, but it’s the 1500s in Ala. You may be pregnant, which you might not know, something may happen, and you could end up on death row just for passing thru this moth-eaten state! - Bette Midler


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Business/Tech News

For-profit healthcare makes you sick 
For-profit news makes you dumb 
For-profit religion makes you spiritually empty 
For-profit education makes you a debt slave 
For-profit prison make you less safe 
For-profit politics make you helpless 
For-profit presidents should make you impeach. - John Fugelsang

Mick Jagger Wrote A Song About Prescription Drugs In 1965
Price hikes on prescription drugs are surging in 2019, despite vows from lawmakers and the Trump administration to rein in pharmaceutical costs.
So far in 2019, more than 3,400 drugs have boosted their prices, a 17% increase compared with the roughly 2,900 drug price increases at the same time in 2018...

I recommend converting Mar-a-Lago into migrant housing. Undocumented workers have been welcome there for years. - Andy Borowitz



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Giraffe Manor, a luxury lodge in Kenya where you can eat breakfast with giraffes. I'd brave that!


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