Thursday, January 31, 2019

CyberWar Heats Up

Russia making repeated attempts to hack prominent conservatives and foreign policy experts
Russia’s military intelligence agency has been busted for persistently attempting to hack into the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a prominent think tank populated by former U.S. government officials.

Trump’s IQ Hits Seventy Below Zero - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

“I know a lot more than people with intelligence do," Trump said. - Andy Borowitz

FYI: That's Dennis Rodman.

Deplorable Empathy
Multiple schools across the country are closed due to the frigid cold that has reportedly claimed the lives of eight people so far. However, Kentucky’s Tea Party Gov. Matt Bevin believes that children in his state should tough it out.

Before Trump invades Venezuela, he should be required to spell Venezuela. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

Trump's Bid To Be Born-Again Fails As Jesus Turns Down Facebook Friend Request. - Andy Borowitz

This Is How A Republican Congressman Greeted A Freshman Congresswoman
A Republican congressman freaked out when Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a Muslim and a Somali-American, was selected to serve on a committee with influence over U.S. foreign policy, and he melted down again when she called out his bigoted remarks.

Pelosi says it was "courageous" that intelligence officials "spoke truth to power. "The president doesn't seem to have the attention span or the desire to hear what the intelligence community has been telling him,"


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Howard Schultz is a reminder of how wealthy, opinionated white guys are just like Starbucks: there’s one on every f*cking corner. - Bette Midler

Rock The Voter News

An FBI agent will wipe that smirk off.

Kushner Khaos Kontinues
A White House security specialist has been suspended without pay for defying her supervisor Carl Kline, less than a week after NBC News reported Kline approved Jared Kushner for top secret clearane over the objections of career staff.
The specialist, Tricia Newbold, had filed a discrimination complaint against Kline three months ago.

It is the quintessence of white privilege to be walked out of your home in a crisp blue Polo shirt and later go on tv to complain about excessive force... Eric Garner sold cigarettes, Roger Stone sold out his country... Yet the latter lived to complain about ‘excessive force’...- Cyrus McQueen


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Business/Tech News

Donald Trump Jr. is what would happen if someone tried to make stupid from concentrate, but forgot to add water.- Middle Age Riot tweet

Trump Wants His Wall At Any Cost, Correction, Your Cost.
Congress has until Feb. 15 to discuss a border security deal, but the White House is already finalizing its plan B — declaring a national emergency.

Do you think the guy who invented French bread was overcompensating? - Conan O'Brien


Behold, a tip jar!


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
This is what I do after watching the news. I go far far away.


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