Thursday, November 1, 2018

Remember, pre-existing conditions means sick people can't get insurance!

Lorraine remembers her excitement when the Affordable Care Act took full effect nearly five years ago. The finance executive, who has a pre-existing condition and requested her last name be withheld, looked forward to the freedom the law would give her if she got laid off or decided to retire early.

2 years of full Republicanism and all they have to run is on racism and the prayer that you don't get they're coming for your health care. -LOLGOP

If people played Hanukkah music for 2 entire months like they do Christmas music, conservatives would be saying it was a Soros funded conspiracy to replace all the Santas with Mexican immigrants.- OhNoSheTwint

Trump Appeals To His Base With Racist Ad. My God.
A new Trump campaign ad released online has been called "sickening" and "a new low in campaigning" by Republican Senator Jeff Flake, and is prompting headlines this morning including "Outrage erupts over Trump campaign ad blaming Democrats for immigrant who 'killed our people'" (USA Today), "Trump shocks with racist new ad days before midterms" (CNN) and "DNC chair blasts Trump ad as 'fear mongering'" ("Fox & Friends" via Fox News).

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This is probably what Ann Coulter left for Trick or Treaters last night


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