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This would be my statement to Brett Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh accuser lines up evidence ahead of hearing
Trump calls Kavanaugh 'a gem’ while the Supreme Court nominee’s accuser gives senators letters her attorneys claim bolster her case.

Kavanaugh Sobering Up After 35-Year Bender Shocked To Find Out He’s Supreme Court Nominee - The Onion

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Hillary Clinton warned us about every f*cking thing. - Mr. Weeks tweet

Raj Shah says he's leaving the White House after Kavanaugh is confirmed. I guess he ain't leaving.
One of the White House’s most visible staffers has his eye on the exit door. Raj Shah, a deputy press secretary who has stepped behind the podium for numerous daily briefings, has told multiple people he plans to leave the West Wing following the confirmation process for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Chuck Grassley spends weekend practicing pretending-to-listen face. - Andy Borowitz

“It does not matter if you were a virgin. You are being accused of sexual assault, not sexual intercourse. Those things have nothing to do with each other. It’s the same as saying, ‘I couldn’t have robbed that bank; I’m a virgin.’” - Seth Meyers

Republican Shenanigans

Replying to @realDonaldTrump“False accusations?” Like those crimes your fixer Cohen pled to? You are an habitual liar and complete narcissist who also is a disgrace as a president and an embarrassment to our nation. You are so inept that your “best and brightest” are Cohen and Giuliani. Let’s go. - Michael Avenatti

Replacing the Republican Senators with a Republican "female assistant" to do their questioning won't make blaming the victim any more palatable.

I think I have a solution: 
Leftists will stop yelling at politicians in restaurants when folks on the right stop yelling at women in front of abortion clinics. - Jon Cryer

Wow. Kavanaugh doesn't have a sterling reputation, after all.
The top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee is accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of misleading the Senate about his handling of grand jury secrets while working for Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr two decades ago.

Brilliant! Kavanaugh releasing his calendars actually provides corroboration for new allegation timeline surrounding "Beach Week" - Eric Boehlert

Subject: Self-Disqualifying People


  Brett Kavanaugh has effectively disqualified himself as a nominee to the US Supreme Court, or any court, by not demanding what any innocent person would ask for: a full independent FBI investigation of the sexual allegations against him.  That shows he cannot rule fairly as a judge, because he doesn't want the truth to be presented.
Marquis de Sade approves of Kavanaugh.

  As the old saying goes: If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.  Kavanaugh has chosen to lie down (and along) with Trump, and adopted the same game plan: Deny all accusations, attack their accusers, and refuse to provide past documentation (Trump's tax returns, Kavanaugh's years of documents about his time in past administrations).

  Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has disqualified himself, by 1. not demanding a full independent FBI investigation of the sexual allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, 2. invoking an unprecedented and absurd one-round of 5-minute questions by each Senator on the Judiciary committee to question Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, 3. refusing to hear from Deborah Ramirez and her corroborating witnesses, 4. having an Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell ask questions on behalf of all 11 Republican (male) senators on the Judiciary committee in tomorrow's hearing (abdicating their own responsibility), and 5. rushing through a US Supreme Court advice-and-consent process, instead making it a rubber stamp farce.  Perhaps someone should grab the 11 Republicans on that committee by what's left of their cajones, and squeeze hard, until they yell Uncle and do the right thing.
We only shame sluts!!!

  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell disqualified himself when he violated his oath of office by refusing to give a hearing for over a year to any US Supreme Court nominee (Merrick Garland) made by President Barack Obama.

  This country has no functional Congress, Executive branch, or much of a Judiciary.  The only thing that's working are some excellent journalists (print, TV, Radio, and online), some very courageous women, and those like Attorney Michael Avenatti that find people who may convince a few Republican Senators to vote no on Kavanaugh's nomination.

  Kavanaugh is not qualified to serve as a judge on any court, as he appears to have committed perjury in his statements to the Senate Judiciary Committee, in present and past hearings.

  Maybe Kavanaugh will feel what sexually abused women feel, when they are questioned on their behavior, and think about his daughters and the girls he has coached, who all will be asking themselves if he did what he has been accused of.

  Of course, the schedule for tomorrow's hearing, and the Judiciary committee's vote on Friday are tenuous at this point, based on Grassley's and McConnell's statements yesterday, and may all change due to what Michael Avenatti's client reveals today.

  Hope you are doing well,

  - Sol

Thank you for writing Sol. I am okey dokey now that Avenatti's client has come forward. And it is really disgusting. Maybe he'll lose his federal judgeship?

You are so right about Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley. They are a disgrace to the Senate and to the United States of America, which contains more women than men.

What I don't get is how the GOP is still defending this sex/alcohol crazed nominee. More than ever I believe there is some sort of sex cult going on in the GOP. There are way too many pedophiles, rapists, rapist apologists and a recently convicted sex trafficker, who, by the way, had his picture taken with Don Jr.

Third Woman Accuses Kavanaugh
A third woman stepped forward Wednesday through her attorney to lodge allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, accusing him and a friend of attending house parties where women — including herself — were sexually assaulted.
She specifically accuses Kavanaugh of spiking drinks with drugs to “target particular girls so they could be taken advantage of.”

Republicans & Foxbots are calling Michael Avenatti the "creepy porn lawyer," dismissing his client accusing Kavanaugh of gang rape. That "creepy porn lawyer" and his porn star client brought down the president's lawyer who then implicated the president in a crime. So I'd listen. - Jim David


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Kavanaugh's Lawyer Shames Third Victim
Beth Wilkinson, an attorney for Brett Kavanaugh, on Thursday suggested that a victim of gang rape was wrong for not coming forward before her Kavanaugh was named as a nominee to the Supreme Court....“Really, you witnessed gang rapes and you never came forward?” Wilkinson complained. “You witnessed something like that, as a parent and a daughter of two sons, I cannot imagine not coming forward when this man was named, if that’s what you witnessed. I don’t understand that.”

I’m suing President Donald Trump & Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell today to stop the unconstitutional Kavanaugh confirmation process, which has violated the separation of powers. They may want to ram through this nomination come hell or high water, but that’s just not how our Constitution works. - Sen. Jeff Merkley

No one could have predicted that the party of Nazis, child molesters and wife beaters would also be the party of lying blackout-drunk gang-rape frat-boy judges - Jeff Tiedrich

Rock The Voter News

Duck. Duck. Goose!

Senate Releases Kavanaugh's Remarkable Remarks
The Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday released Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s prepared remarks about Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegation against him.

Brett Kavanaugh could molest a girl on the Senate floor and the GOP would blame the girl and confirm him.- Tony Posnanski


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I  would have thought that after the Catholic Church molestation scandal that the idea that widespread sexual abuse could go unreported or unpunished would no longer be inconceivable.- Adam Serwer

Business/Tech News

Trump is claiming China is interfering in the midterms because they do not want him to win them. I guess that’s going to be his excuse for losing the presidency this year. - Mrs. Betty Bowers

Hold The Pickle. No, It's Not In Reference To Kavanaugh.
Those seeking an au naturel burger at McDonald’s should remember these three words: Hold the pickle.
The Chicago-based fast-food chain announced Wednesday that it has removed artificial colors, flavors and preservatives from its top-selling burgers, the latest announcement in the company’s ongoing effort to improve the quality of its food. The pickles, which have artificial preservatives, are the exception.

BREAKING: Netflix Inks Deal With Donald Trump To Stream His "Live At The UN" Comedy Special - Jeff Tiedrich

NASA saw dark, polluted Carolina rivers spilling into the ocean from space.

It took the Catholics 350 years to apologize to Galileo, so victims, expect a heartfelt apology from the Church in 2368. - TheTweetOfGod


Behold, a tip jar!


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