Friday, September 21, 2018

Pale Male Republicans Are Locked And Loaded

Trump attacks Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford's credibility and says judge is 'under assault by radical left wing'
Trump says Christine Blasey Ford, who accuses Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her more than three decades ago, should have reported the alleged incident to the police if it was "as bad as she says."

I went to bed last night thinking, "I'm sure they will find a way to make all of this even worse." I was extremely correct. - Rex Huppke

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

More Americans are shot and killed by toddlers than killed by terrorists each year. Some, I assume, are good people.- John Fugelsang

Did you leak this story, General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions?
I Wonder If Trump Will Fire Him Today Or Tomorrow
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein proposed secretly recording conversations in the Oval Office with President Trump last year and discussed the possibility of Cabinet officials invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the president

So who shopped this bullsh*t story to the Times on a Friday afternoon so that Trump would have an excuse to fire Rosenstein and what gullible nitwit at the Times thought it would be a good idea to go full hook line and sinker on it. - Jeff Tiedrich

South Carolina Congressdude Thinks People Need To Stop Being Offended By His Juvenile Jokes!
Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.) said on Thursday that people need to “lighten up” over his joke mocking sexual misconduct accusations brought against President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.
Earlier on Thursday at an election debate, Norman quipped that “Ruth Bader Ginsburg came out saying she was groped by Abraham Lincoln,” ...

Every woman that Trump touched without their permission should show up at the Kavanaugh hearing, though the room can’t fit that many people. - Roland Scahill

Republican Shenanigans

What’s it called when Roy Moore defends you? Is there an opposite of a character witness? A won'tness?- Stephen Colbert

Hey, Trump, There's An Environmental Disaster Going On In North Carolina!
Floodwaters on Friday breached a dam that contains a man-made lake connected to a Duke Energy power plant in North Carolina, possibly causing coal ash to flow into the nearby Cape Fear River, the company said.

For a guy who’s a judge, Brett Kavanaugh seems to really hate the idea of going through a fair, methodical process where information is gathered and opposing points of view are expressed so that we can find out the truth.- Bradley Whitford



Hi Lisa,

I just finished reading several articles related to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

One piece argued that Kavanaugh was at long last being “held to account” for his alleged sexual assault of Christine Blasey Ford 35 years ago.  Another asserted that in the absence of clear and convincing evidence of the alleged assault, Kavanaugh deserved the “benefit of the doubt” on the question.

May I make two observations on the matter?

First, Kavanaugh is not “being held to account.”  He has not been charged with any crime.  He is not on trial.  He does not face prison time.  He is being vetted for promotion to the highest court in the land.  If he is confirmed, he will receive large increases in pay, prestige, underlings, and office space.

But if he is not confirmed, he will lose nothing except “face.”  He will still hold a lifetime appointment to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.  He will still make more than $15,300 a month.

Hey, if that’s what being “held to account” is like, you can hold me to account anytime!  I could suffer a lot of face-losing for $15,300 a month.  For life.

Second, because he loses nothing (like his job, pay, or freedom) if he is not confirmed, Kavanaugh does not deserve any “benefit of the doubt.”  He is a nominee, not a defendant.

No one deserves a seat on the Supreme Court; no one has an inherent right to sit on the Court.  That seat doesn’t belong to Kavanaugh or to Trump; it belongs to Article III and to the American people.  “We the People” – not Judge Kavanaugh – deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Judge Kavanaugh’s statements on this matter have been unconvincing so far.  If Professor Ford refuses to testify, then the case is moot.  But if she comes across as a credible accuser, then Kavanaugh’s character has been impeached and he should withdraw from consideration.  If he fails to do that, Trump should withdraw the nomination.  And if Trump refuses, the full Senate should reject Kavanaugh.

“We the People” deserve better than Judge Kavanaugh.


Hi Rick,

This is all so dismaying.

The GOP will ram Kavanaugh through, with or without Dr. Ford's testimony, in my humble opinion. They love him because he's a Hillary hater, too...a bonus for them.



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Trump is campaigning for the midterms in Las Vegas, and out of habit, the moment he walked into a casino, it went bankrupt. - Jimmy Fallon

Rock The Voter News

The witch hunt that should be infuriating everyone is the witch hunt against Christine Blasey Ford. - Roland Scahill

GOP Strategy: Republican Strategist Admits The GOP Ignores Their Female Candidates
Republican strategist Sarah Chamberlain said in an interview that aired Friday on "Rising" that GOP women often struggle in primaries because the party lacks a good funding mechanism for female candidates.

I did, it didn’t matter, I was dismissed, disparaged, & I still get blamed  #WhyIDidntReport - Daryl Hannah


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Trump Asks Why Kavanaugh Accuser Didn’t Just Immediately Request Hush Money. - The Onion

Business/Tech News

Trump tweeted that Americans who are unhappy with their jobs should start looking for new ones. And five minutes later he walked into the West Wing and everyone was gone.- Jimmy Fallon

Everybody Is Paying Off Everybody In This Administration. Mueller Is Following A Lot Of Money
John Dowd, President Trump’s personal lawyer, went to some unheard of lengths to send money to Manafort and Gates for their legal defense, including pledging $25k out of his own pocket...

North and South Korea say they want to host the 2032 Summer Olympics together. The highlight will be when the athletes try pole-vaulting from North Korea into South Korea.- Jimmy Fallon



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Croatia. On the water's edge, a wall view is provided instead of a water view.


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