Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Today is Mother's Day In Costa Rica

It is a national holiday every August 15. Women are considered an asset here,  not a liability.

I completely forgot about the holiday until my friends stopped by this morning. They brought me a beautiful blouse as a gift.

We feasted on fried chicken at Pollolandia in Villarreal. I love that name. It is a great take-out joint, too. Then we hit a few grocery stores that were open and packed with native tourists holiday shopping.

It is a happy time here.

My friends dropped me home then they went fishing at Playa Potrero with a bag of chicken wings and legs, and of course, tortillas. I won't fish in the afternoon heat because I would die.

Mea culpa dear viewers, I will return tomorrow with a new edition of AHNC.

Thank you for visiting.

I won't leave you empty handed!

What is it with these men? Trump and the Republicans ignoring pedophiles, in fact, supporting them. And even worse, over 1000 children were sexually abused by Catholic priests in Pennsylvania. My God, Vatican, you know full well "What Jesus Would Do," he'd grab a whip and drive them out just like he did to the moneychangers in the Temple.


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