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Trump Tweets Iran Threat To Try To Distract Us from Russia

Fox and Friends: We Could Wipe Out Iran with the Push of a Button
On Fox and Friends on Monday, the President Trump‘s favorite morning show had a different reaction to his overnight an all-caps warning to Iran than some of the other networks. Very different, in fact.

Iran should be safe as long as they stop the verbal threats and just launch a cyberattack to interfere in our election. - Jess Dweck

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Doesn't threatening thermonuclear war and the obliteration of entire country  violate Twitter's terms of service ? - Celtic Girl

Well, Of Course Hillary Is Helping Immigrants
Hillary Clinton is offering a helping hand to immigrants looking to reunite with their families: She says she'll help organize transportation they might not be able to afford.

In case you missed it, World War 3 will be caused by an idiotic President who doesn't know how to turn off caps lock. - Erik Bransteen

Republican Shenanigans


SCOTUS Nominee Was A Leaker For Ken Starr
President Donald Trump has waged war on leakers — but in nominating Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, the president has picked someone well-versed in the swampy art of off-the-record briefings and anonymous quotes.
Kavanaugh spent nearly four years working for Kenneth Starr’s independent counsel probe of President Bill Clinton two decades ago. A sampling of the Starr office’s internal files available at the National Archives indicate Kavanaugh helped craft aspects of Starr’s communications strategy and interacted directly with the news media himself.

Subject: What did McConnell know and when did he know it?

Hi Lisa,

Crooks and Liars ran a story titled, “McConnell Admits He Knew About 2016 Russian Hack, Did Nothing.”

I think McConnell knew about Russia’s planned involvement in the election much earlier than September 2016.  I think he knew as early as February 2016, when Scalia died.  That’s why he refused to advance Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court until after the election.

J. P. Morgan used to say that a man often had two reasons for doing whatever he did: “the one that sounds good and the real one.”

With the Garland nomination, the reason that sounded good was that the voters deserved a say in who was elevated to the Court.  But at the time, Hillary Clinton looked like a shoo-in for President no matter who the Republican nominee was.  So sitting on the Garland nomination looked like it was only delaying the inevitable.

Another reason that sounded good was that McConnell hated Obama and wanted to thwart him at every turn.

The real reason McConnell sat on the Garland nomination could well be that he knew the Russians were planning some kind of cyber-involvement in the election that would give the GOP a fighting chance at winning.  He may not have known what they were planning – at that point he didn’t even know who the nominee would be – but he knew the Russians would have a thumb on the scale in favor of the GOP.

That’s all he needed to know to hold up the Garland nomination.

And how would McConnell have known about potential Russian involvement as early as February 2016?  I don’t know, but I bet Wayne LaPierre knows.  I bet Maria Butina knows.  I bet Aleksandr Torshin knows.

And I bet Robert Mueller is going to find out.


I swear, Trey Gowdy and Carter Page look like two kissing cousins who been cookin meth in a shotgun shack in Pensacola behind some dive bar called Later Gator with two broken down El Camino’s on the front lawn and an above ground pool filled with rotting jello. - Cyrus McQueen


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"A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons."- Hillary Clinton, July 2016

Rock The Voter News

Hey everybody James Comey is inserting himself into an election but it’s ok because we know how deeply  he thinks these things through. - John Fugelsang

What Is Going On With NYT's Maggie Haberman? She Is Too Cozy With Trump For Comfort. Maybe Because Her Mom's Company Does PR For Jared Kushner? 
New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman on Sunday said President Trump "often tells the truth," and cautioned against reading too far into the president's motives.
Speaking to Brian Stelter on CNN's "Reliable Sources," Haberman said it is often a waste of time for people to "constantly [be] surprised" or look "for some deeper motive behind everything" Trump says or does.

This Tweet pretty much sums up Maggie and the NYT's coverage of Hillary's campaign

Woman: Hi I need to get an abortion 
America: Now hang on little lady we got rules here..
Insane Man: I need a gun
America: Yea sure dude whatever - Paul Palmeri


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If I was Michael Cohen I would've taped Trump's calls too, just to be able to decipher WTF he just said to me.

Business/Tech News

Imagine how much good Obama could have gotten done if Congress was even half as permissive of his efforts to lead the country with care, empathy and vision as they are about Trump's efforts to destroy the entire world in a giant manbaby fit.- Ijeoma Oluo

Trump's Propaganda Machine Caught
The U.S. government-funded broadcaster Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty took out several Facebook ads this month targeting American readers in apparent violation of a domestic anti-propaganda law, according to a Syracuse University professor.

Thinking of changing the lyrics to one of my songs. Would youdownload, “The Putin Pleasin’ Treason Boy of Company Pee”? - Bette Midler

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