Thursday, June 28, 2018

We must remove the blinders

When Bush normalized Abu Ghraib torture in 2003, I was so afraid it would eventually lead to the torture of U.S. citizens. People of color, LGBTQ & women are being tortured, daily. Caged migrant children is just a continuation. Buckle up folks. Trump owns the Supreme Court.

It's a given that abortion access will now be reduced to a wire hanger.

One guy on twitter said,
 "Stock up on your abortions ladies!"  
What the right-to-lifers will never acknowledge is that not every woman is equipped mentally or physically to have a child. That's why the decision should be between a woman and her doctor because it's not anyone's damn business, especially politicians putting ridiculous restrictions to delay her decision. That's torture to that woman.

As I write this, thousands of migrant children are terrified of what the hell just happened to them and why. Some are caged, some are in foster facilities spread across the country and there is not one list to tie these children to their parents. Not one list. Why the hell not? This is ongoing daily torture to them, pure and simple.
Melania wearing that I DON'T CARE jacket said it all.
Black men and kids being shot in the back by the police is commonplace. Children being slaughtered with military grade weapons at school is commonplace, too. "Crisis actors" is a common accusation of victims. Nazis are very fine people. Mexicans are rapists. This torturous language has normalized racism and violence.  The world is appalled at the U.S.

The #MeToo movement was such a glimmer of hope for women. But with Trump owning the court now, landmark decisions can be overturned and even worse, landmark decisions can be made. Hell, Trump just hired a guy to work in the White House who was ousted from Fox News for sexual harassment. #MeNoMore
I would  wear a chastity belt if I worked at the White House!
And they want Democrats to be more civil.
It's not uncivil to tell the truth.

The Republican Party and Trump are destroying this country and its institutions, step by step, inch by inch. The only hope we have is to vote out these Congressional traitors and jail any of them that colluded with Russia or committed any other crimes.

SOS, Mr. Mueller. SOS. America is dying.

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

If Kim Jong Un took advantage of our f-cking moron in chief, just wait till Vladimir Putin gets him alone. - Randi Mayem Singer

Money Launderers Are Everywhere!
A search warrant application unsealed on Wednesday revealed closer links than previously known between President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort and a Russian oligarch with close ties to the Kremlin.

None of what happens now has anything to do with arguments or persuasion but solely the calculated use of maximal application of the available political power. That’s it.- Chris Hayes

Republican Shenanigans

Now, in a letter to President Trump, Justice Kennedy wrote, "This letter is a respectful and formal notification of my decision, effective July 31 of this year, to end my regular active status as an associate justice of the Supreme Court." OK, "effective July 31." So, enjoy your gay marriages now, because as of August 1, you're back to being roommates.- Stephen Colbert

Here we go again.
The Republican Judiciary Committee Wants The Blood, Sweat And Tears Of Hillary And Anyone Who Doesn't Prosecute Her
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray testified Thursday before the House Judiciary Committee about an inspector general report on the FBI's handling of its investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server when she was secretary of state.

Reportedly, the White House will push for a nomination and confirmation of Justice Kennedy's vacated seat before the midterms. Well, of course before the midterms! Just like you want to eat all the weed before the cop walks up to the driver's side window.- Stephen Colbert


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Living in a constitutional democracy is on my bucket list. - Andy Borowitz

Rock The Voter News

This Is A Surprise
New bipartisan bill calls for Puerto Rico statehood.
“To sum everything up, this is about equality,” said Puerto Rico's pro-statehood, nonvoting member of Congress, Jenniffer Gonz├ílez.

Damn, Bernie It's Not About You. Quit Flaming The Bros.
Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Wednesday bragged to a group of supporters that “in many ways we did win the election hours after Anthony Kennedy announces retirement .

Anthony Kennedy gave us Citizens United - not to mention the Presidency of George W. Bush and the Iraq War, thanks to his heinous ruling on Bush v Gore. It's horrible that Trump gets another pick, but let's not act as though Nelson Mandela just retired. - Andy Borowitz


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A group of shareholders at Facebook might be plotting to get rid of Mark Zuckerberg. And their plan would be way more likely to work if Mark wasn't spying on them using Facebook.- Jimmy Fallon

Business/Tech News

The Toddlers Are Coming! The Toddlers Are Coming!
As the White House faces court orders to reunite families separated at the border, immigrant children as young as 3 years old are being ordered into court for their own deportation proceedings, according to attorneys in Texas, California and Washington, D.C.

Trump is in a Twitter feud with Harley-Davidson since they announced that they're moving some jobs overseas. When people first heard Trump was feuding with Harley-Davidson, they just assumed it was another porn star.- Jimmy Fallon

Remember When Trump Publicly Trashed Boeing?
Boeing wants to make a passenger plane that can shuttle customers around the globe at five times the speed of sound.
Boeing says the jet could get you anywhere in the world in just one to three hours. With top speeds exceeding 3,800 miles per hour, the trek from New York to London, for example, could take 120 minutes. Currently the trip takes around seven hours.

If I were the president I would give these detained separated families immediate citizenship, a government job and 100K cash so they won't sue the hell out of the USA.



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Lenticular clouds over Patagonia, Argentina. We needed something soft to look at after a hard day.


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