Thursday, May 24, 2018

Trump cancels North Korea Summit

Trump cancels Singapore nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un
President Trump cancels his historic summit in Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un next month.
Trump accuses North Korea of "tremendous anger and open hostility."

Those coins Trump made for the cancelled summit will be worth a fortune!

South Korean official response: “We are attempting to make sense of what, precisely, President Trump means.”
Welcome to the f*cking club. - Stephen Colbert

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

I’ve written drunk texts that made more sense than Trump’s letter to Kim Jong Un. - Chelsea Handler

Putin Defends North Korea
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday he was disappointed the planned summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un was cancelled and said North Korea was not to blame...Putin said Kim “did everything he promised in advance,” citing North Korea’s claim that it had destroyed its nuclear testing site.

Americans Freed From North Korea Sent Back To Pyongyang After Denuclearization Talks Fall Through - The Onion

2017 media had nervous breakdown because it was IRRESPONSIBLE to report on dossier/pee tape bc it wasn't confirmed
2018 media can't stop reporting on Trump's unconfirmed "spy" claim - Eric Boehlert 

Republican Shenanigans

It’s a sad day in America when we ban professional athletes from protesting peacefully before we ban the sale of assault weapons. - Andrew Weinstein

Republican Devin Nunes & Cocaine? What?
A winery whose investors include Republican Devin Nunes faced a lawsuit over a charity yacht party that allegedly involved cocaine and sex 

Conservatives be like "we're pro-life, because EVERY life is sacred!"
Black lives matter?"Uhh, not THOSE lives."
Children getting shot in schools, we need sensible gun control."Nope. Muh guns is sacred."
Syrian refugees being slaughtered!"NO ROOM HERE."
So...EVERY life? - Brooklyn Dad Defiant 


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I guess Trump is going to have to hope that he will get the Nobel prize for literature now. - Roland Scahill

Rock The Voter News

In the internment camps, we were forced to face the U.S. flag each morning and recite the Pledge of Allegiance from behind barbed wire fences. Patriotism is earned by a nation that lives up to its promises. It is our sacred duty always to speak out when it does not. #TakeAKnee - George Takei

Republicans Fail To Find Any Spies
Senior U.S. lawmakers attended classified briefings on Thursday on the FBI’s probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election after President Donald Trump made unsubstantiated claims about a “spy” being used against his campaign, and a top Democrat said afterward he heard nothing to support Trump’s allegation.

How pissed is Donald Trump going to be when he finds out he has to unblock Rosie O’Donnell? -Michael Blackman


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The entire world is enrolled in Trump University. - Chris Hayes

Business/Tech News


‘You Better Give Our Dad A Good Trade Deal Or You’ll Be Sorry!’ Shout Angry Trump Boys On Phone With Employee Of Local Chinese Restaurant - The Onion

Trump knows you live in your congressional office, boy.

Paul Ryan Defies Trump
The House on Thursday voted to cut off Chinese telecommunications company ZTE from U.S. business dealings, putting pressure on the firm and President Trump.

Lately I’ve been wondering if God is an evil man and the Devil is a good woman he slandered so no one would ever work with her again. - OhNoSheTwint


Thank you! Almost Halfway to the goal!


Shadow Cat

Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Pablo Picasso imitating Popeye smoking a pipe -- wait, is that a bong?


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