Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Trumps are not only cruel but they're "rub salt in the wound" cruel

Donald Trump Jr. is also getting blowback — just like Ivanka — for posting a photo with his kids
Hours after his younger sister Ivanka posted a much-derided photo with her son, Donald Trump Jr. is catching heat for also sharing a photo of him posing with two of his kids. The comments were calling to his attention the scary plight of the children whom immigration officials have separated from their families at the border.

How can you not love Ivanka - from her fake little nose, her bleached blonde hair, her green colored contact lenses to her Asian sweatshops, her campaigning for Devin Nunes and her ability to be Jewish and a Nazi at the very same time. - TheCenteredEgg tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

If Mary and Joseph crossed the US border today, Jesus would be ripped from her arms and placed “where ever”. #WhereAreTheChidren - irishygirl tweet

Trump lays a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Bone Spur

Dear US Media;  if you can spell things like:
“Plays loosely with facts”
"Demonstrable falsehoods"
"Incessant dishonesty"
Or "whoppers"

Then you're able to spell the word “lies.” - John Fugelsang

Media, Media, Media!!
President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused the entire U.S. mainstream media of running a “highly sophisticated Disinformation Campaign” to undermine his 2016 campaign and his presidency.
In a tweet on Tuesday, Trump said it was the media, and not Russia, that had conducted a campaign of “disinformation” during the 2016 election.

Curiously the "He'll be happy, he'll be rich" guarantee Trump just offered Kim Jong Un was the same promise extended to enrollees at Trump University. - David Frum

Where Is Melania Trump?
It might sound like a computer simulation of an '80s TV movie gone awry, but for two weeks the biggest question in Washington has been: Where has the first lady gone?
Melania Trump has not been seen in public since May 10, the day before she began a six-day stay at Walter Reed Military Hospital for what her office called a "procedure" for a "benign kidney condition." Second lady Karen Pence has filled in for her at some events, and today she was absent from the president's side when he spoke at Arlington National Cemetery for Memorial Day.

Republican Shenanigans

Roseanne Barr, busy today? I think you need to attend the Starbucks racial-bias education seminar. - Erik Bransteen

TMZ & Trump
When the Access Hollywood tape of Donald Trump emerged in the home stretch of the 2016 election, it should have been a gift from the tabloid gods for TMZ.
Instead, the celebrity gossip website went into overdrive to help Trump.

The good news: 8,000 Starbucks stores shut today for anti-bias trainingThe bad news:  When Caucasians start to riot because no access to soy lattes. - John Fugelsang

For those upset about the Ivanka's baby pic, relax--the next Trump family photo will be a collection of mugshots.- Erik Bransteen


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Whenever you feel like we’re falling backward, or that our progress is being undone, remember what Coretta Scott King told us so long ago: The fight for civil rights, the fight for justice, the fight for equality must be fought and won with each generation. - Kamala Harris

Rock The Voter News

Why Does God Talk To Stupid People?
Louisiana televangelist seeks $54 million for private jet so he can avoid ‘demons’ who infest commercial flights.

The NYTimes reacts with surprise that Hillary supporters are angry at how they tilted their coverage to favor Trump. Maybe bc they spent the last 2 years interviewing Trump voters and exactly no years interviewing the majority group disenfranchised by his illegitimate election.- Kate Hess

Why Are Investigations Into JFK & RFK's Assassinations Are Fraught With Errors?
Robert Kennedy Jr. had a three-hour prison meeting in California with his father’s convicted killer and left convinced a new investigation into the murder is needed, he told The Washington Post.

Strange how people who claimed Hillary Clinton was trafficking imaginary children in the back room of a pizza parlor don't seem to care very much about real kids being lost & presumed now in the hands of actual human traffickers. - Amanda Guinzburg 


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Business/Tech News

The NFL is 80% black. They profit off of Black Lives but can't kneel or stand up for black lives. The nerve they got telling Black people they can't protest against their own oppression. - SJPeace 

Starbucks' CEO Points Finger At Trump
Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said on Tuesday that President Trump's rhetoric on race is partly to blame for the country's "racial divide."
Schultz said he believes the president has given people license to copy the "behavior and language that comes out of this administration," in an interview with CNN Tuesday.

California has the fourth largest economy in the world, the largest surplus of any state, clean air and historically low crime.
Guess who controls every branch of government?
Democrats.-Mikel Jollett


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Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Women being arrested for wearing one piece bathing suits which reveal too much leg. Chicago, 1922.
Thank goodness they weren't wearing thongs! They would have been shot!


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