Tuesday, May 22, 2018

EPA Doesn't Want AP & CNN Nosing Around

EPA bars AP, CNN from summit on contaminants
The Environmental Protection Agency is barring The Associated Press, CNN and the environmental-focused news organization E&E from a national summit on harmful water contaminants.
The EPA blocked the news organizations from attending Tuesday’s Washington meeting, convened by EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

I believe the only way to save Hawaii is to sacrifice a sitting president to the angry Volcano. - drixy

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

North Korea summit could be postponed, says Trump, as he slowly realizes he has been duped.- Richard Hine

Trump Has US/North Korea Memorial Coin Minted
Weird, odd, a dumpster fire': Trump's North Korea summit coin ridiculed. Coin marking nuclear talks that might not happen yet criticised as premature and giving Kim Jong-un unwarranted status

Jared Kushner: Clown Prince
A new cache of emails obtained by the AP show an adviser to the crown prince of Abu Dhabi mocking Jared Kushner as the “clown prince” in an exchange with his partner, a Trump fundraiser.

Former President Obama and Mrs. Obama have just signed a multi-year deal with Netflix. Meanwhile, President Trump has just signed a multi-year deal with Melania.- Conan O'Brien

Republican Shenanigans

I like how the New York Times thinks Trump actually wrote "The Art of the Deal"  Or that he has read it. - John Fugelsang

I Wonder Who's Hacked Trump's Cell Phone?
President Donald Trump uses a White House cellphone that isn’t equipped with sophisticated security features designed to shield his communications, according to two senior administration officials — a departure from the practice of his predecessors that potentially exposes him to hacking or surveillance.

In the Obama transition and White House I helped with the  decision to keep his “personal” BlackBerry, subject to restrictions that Trump is now flouting. Those aren’t just about personal safety but national security. Trump doesn’t give a damn. Again. - Norm  Eisen


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In reference to both Hawaiian volcanoes and Trump--two unpredictable forces that spew destruction and noxious hot air--we need to start wearing MAGMA hats: "Make America Great My Ass!" - George Takei

Rock The Voter News

Imagine John Gotti demanding that federal officers investigate the federal officers investigating John Gotti — and federal officers agree to help John Gotti and investigate the federal officers investigating John Gotti. This is how badly Trump has corrupted our justice system. - Bill Madden

Bernie Has Been And Still Is Gaming The Democrats
Bernie Sanders is running for the Democratic nomination in Vermont — but he won’t accept it if he wins.
The famously independent senator, who briefly joined the Democratic Party to run in the 2016 New Hampshire presidential primary only to un-enroll later, officially announced Monday that he would seek a third term in the Senate this fall. He also said that he’ll pull the same maneuver that he did in his 2006 and 2012 Senate races: Running as a Democrat, declining the nomination when he wins and then running as an independent.

Man With 20 Rifles Can’t Remember If His Goal To Start Or Stop Violent Overthrow Of Government - The Onion


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Business/Tech News

President Trump tweeted yesterday, quote, “I hereby demand and will do so officially tomorrow that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump campaign for political purposes.” Only Trump could open with the words “I hereby demand” and still be so lazy as to add “but I’ll do it tomorrow.”- Seth Myers

Is Amazon Turning Into Big Brother?
The American Civil Liberties Union and other privacy activists are asking Amazon to stop marketing a powerful facial recognition tool to police, saying law enforcement agencies could use the technology to "easily build a system to automate the identification and tracking of anyone."

Rudy Giuliani said this weekend that special counsel Robert Mueller has promised to finish his investigation into possible wrongdoing by President Trump by September, possibly even August if Giuliani would just stop calling him.- Seth Myers

Good luck breeding those lions


Thank you!


With an arm that long you’d think he’d be a goalkeeper!

Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Is that a cowlick?


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