Friday, February 23, 2018

One step closer to the money laundering

Former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates pleads guilty to conspiracy, lying
Former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates pleaded guilty Friday to conspiracy and to lying to investigators — even while he was negotiating a deal with special counsel Robert Mueller. Soon after, Mueller slapped Gates's business partner, former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort, with new charges.

As the CPAC crowd chants “Lock her up!” over and over, former top Trump campaign aide Rick Gates is pleading guilty and signaling that he is cooperating in the Mueller investigation. - Matt Viser

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

I'm starting a gofundme to allot a certain chunk of American space to create the new libertarian fantasy land of Whitetopia where DT can rule for ever & his fans can hate the rest of America from within their own borders. - John Fugelsang

Trump Seeks Gun Violence Advice From Sons
President Trump consulted with his adult sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, over Presidents Day weekend about how to address gun violence in the U.S. following the deadly high school shooting in Florida.

"I was in Vietnam." Strangest sentence Trump has ever spoken. Just now at CPAC. - Lawrence O'Donnell

Donald Trump tweeted about Ivanka being in South Korea saying “we cannot have a better, or smarter, person representing our country.” We do have a better, smarter person... and his name is Dennis Rodman. - Chelsea Handler

Republican Shenanigans

Three prominent Republicans have been indicted since CPAC started chanting “lock her up” a few hours ago. - Josh Schwerin

Broward County Sheriff's Dept Guarding Deputy
Sheriff’s deputies are now guarding the home of Scott Peterson, the armed school resource officer who hid outside as 17 students were massacred inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

I know this point of emphasis is going around, but I want to make clear I place zero blame on the armed guard. it's not his job to wage war w/ an AR-15 mad man - Eric Boehlert


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I know countless girls who were sexually harassed (or worse) by male teachers and coaches. It’s a terrifying experience as it is. Imagine if those teachers and coaches also had guns. - OhNoSheTwint

Rock The Voter News

So @realDonaldTrump, who lied for 5 years that the 1st black president wasn't really born here, then capped off that lie with a lie that Hillary Clinton told the lie first, is complaining about Fake News. - John Fugelsang

Wow. Someone Needs To Make A Republican Soap Opera -- As The Scandals Turn
 A woman whose affair with a Pennsylvania congressman led to his resignation — and who's pursuing her own run for the U.S. House — is accused of threatening to kill her husband...Shannon Edwards is seeking the Republican nomination to take on Democratic Rep. Mike Doyle.
Republican Rep. Tim Murphy, an opponent of abortion rights, resigned in October after text messages obtained by The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette suggested he wanted Edwards to get an abortion when they thought she might be pregnant.


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We have notified the NRA that we are ending the NRA’s rental car discount program with Hertz. - Hertz Tweet

Business/Tech News

If guns don’t kill people, people kill people, why do the teachers need guns? - Kumail Nanjiani

When Wallets Are More Powerful Than Guns
Several businesses with ties to the National Rifle Association are breaking up with the group amid mounting pressure from gun-control proponents following the Parkland, Fla. school shooting.

New Study Finds Majority Of God’s Blessings Burn Up On Entry Into Atmosphere.- The Onion


Not me, I went to work!


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

A smartphone around 1900.

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