Friday, October 20, 2017

I invented a new word today

Full video of Frederica Wilson's 2015 FBI speech shows John Kelly got it wrong
White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, criticizing Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, misrepresented a 2015 speech she made at the opening of a new FBI building, an exclusive South Florida Sun Sentinel video of her speech shows.

John Kelly is basically Sean Spicer with General status. - Matt Murphy

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Let's see #Trump testify in front of a Congressional Committee for 11 hours about his #NigerBenghazi like the GOP did to Hillary! - Bette Midler

Russian Trolls R Us
The number of networks of Russian-sponsored trolls spreading propaganda to the United States and Europe may number in the hundreds, including the one team drawing wide attention for blitzing American social media outlets last year with divisive information in a bid to tip voter sympathies to Donald Trump, according to an Obama administration Pentagon official.

"If you want to get into a debate with a 4-star Marine general, I think that's something highly inappropriate"- Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Republican Shenanigans

Donald Trump: I didn't say it
John Kelly: Trump said it
Lara Trump: I read the transcript
Sarah Sanders: No transcript
These clowns can't even lie right. - Palmer Report

Turns out White House chief of staff John Kelly is a graduate of the Ivanka Trump School of Complicity.- Rex Huppke

Why Is The White House Defending This? Deplorable.
The White House is defending President Donald Trump's chief of staff after he mischaracterized previous remarks of a Democratic congresswoman who is now criticizing Trump's condolence call to the widow of a soldier killed in Niger.


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Rich Democrat Runs Impeachment Ads Today
Democratic mega-donor and billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer is spending what an aide says is "well over $10 million" on a national TV ad campaign Friday calling for President Donald Trump's impeachment.

Rock The Voter News

Is there anyone dumber than @realDonaldTrump? Besides his children, and Melania? Does anyone know anyone dumber? Maybe tila tequila. - Chelsea Handler

BAD NEWS: Uninsured Rises By 3.5 Million Under Trump. 
GOOD NEWS: Republicans Are Overjoyed
A survey published Friday by Gallup and Sharecare, a health information firm, finds that the uninsured rate has risen by 1.4 percentage points since Trump took office, reaching 12.3% in the third quarter of this year. That translates to 3.5 million Americans who have joined the ranks of the uninsured since the end of 2016, when the uninsured rate reached a record low of 10.9%. The uninsured rate peaked above 18% just before the ACA exchanges opened for business in January 2014.


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Business/Tech News

Whoever said "live like there's no tomorrow" probably owned a credit card company.- John Fugelsang

Republican Priority: Tax Cuts For The Rich
The Senate has approved a multitrillion-dollar budget that Donald Trump has called a “first step towards massive tax cuts”, a largely symbolic move that sets the stage for Republicans to rewrite the US tax code without a single Democratic vote.
The Senate on Thursday voted 51-49 to pass the budget resolution, a blueprint of trillions of dollars in federal spending over the next decade

Happy birthday, @SnoopDogg! I hope your candles aren't the only things that gets lit. - Ellen DeGeneres


Fall Fundraiser

Thank you!


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Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Walt Disney and Salvador Dali on a boat, Spain, 1957. I would have loved to have heard their conversation. Photograph from the Walt Disney Family Foundation Collection.


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