Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Stay Strong Texas

Harvey will test new insurance law that could limit lawsuits against insurers
Harvey will be the first test of a controversial new Texas insurance law that takes effect Friday.
Plaintiff's attorneys and a consumer watchdog group are urging people who suffered damages to file written notice of property insurance claims before the law takes effect along with hundreds of other new laws on Sept. 1.

Once the water recedes, more death and destruction will emerge, as in every other hurricane.

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Just talked to a guy who rescued 6 people. He moved to Houston from Iraq, where he lost his brother and house to the war. Amazing human. - Shelby Webb, Houston Chronicle

How Many More Dots Need To Be Connected?
Donald Trump's company was pursuing a deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow while he was campaigning to become US president in late 2015 and early 2016, it was revealed Sunday.

After Trump is impeached, indicted, convicted and bankrupted, Trump Tower should be converted into subsidized housing for Muslim refugees. - Andy Borowitz

I love Vincente Fox and his country.

Republican Shenanigans

Hey Joel Osteen, the thing about opening your church to help w/Harvey AFTER you get tweet shamed is that your reputation will NEVER recover. - HITEXECUTIVE  tweet

This young man walked three miles to Joel Osteen's mega church yesterday. Wow.

Folks, the megachurch carpets just got shampooed so we can't let y'all in; but we do have several thousand jars of hair gel we can donate. - John Fugelsang


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In Trump's prison cell, the audiobook of Barack Obama reading "The Audacity of Hope" should play on a loop. - Andy Borowitz

Rock The Voter News

This tweet contains a complete list of every single Caucasian politician whose birth & education records have been demanded by Donald Trump: - John Fugelsang

Who Are These People?
Thousands of demonstrators carrying signs with slogans like “Stand Against Hate” descended on Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Park on Sunday for what many hoped would be a peaceful march against bigotry and President Trump.
But it was soon punctuated by tear gas and a scattering of violent skirmishes. Some anti-fascist protesters, wearing black and with their faces covered, chased or beat Trump supporters and organizers who had scheduled and then canceled the “anti-Marxist” rally, citing concerns over safety.


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Business/Tech News

Get Ready America! When Your House Floods, Blame Republicans.
In mid-August, the administration moved to gut a necessary initiative to guarantee the flood resilience of infrastructure.

I've got like 300 satellite channels, and I swear to God 200 are selling useless sh*t like prayer bracelets and vitamins that cure cancer. - Stephen King, author



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Fire ants trying to save their eggs during Hurricane Harvey.
“Life, Uh, Finds a Way” - Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park.
I hate fire ants.


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