Thursday, August 3, 2017

Our Secretary of State Doesn't Want To Offend Russia

Tillerson spurns $80 million to counter ISIS, Russian propaganda
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is resisting the pleas of State Department officials to spend nearly $80 million allocated by Congress for fighting terrorist propaganda and Russian disinformation.

Poll: Americans Favor 3.5 Years Paid Leave for President. - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Trump asked what Blacks had to lose. It was apparently healthcare, housing, college admission, & freedom after Sessions locks everyone up. - Rep. Maxine Waters

Trump must miss his gold toilet.

Trump Calls White House A Dump
President Trump has a perfectly valid reason for his weekend getaways to the golf course: the White House isn’t up to his standards.
The President, who has been blasted for his frequent trips to his own properties — especially after calling out former President Barack Obama for his own excursions — explained away his vacations while at the Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey recently.
"That White House is a real dump,” Trump told guests

Trump quietly signed the Russia sanctions bill into law, then slid a note under Putin’s door that said, “Are you mad? YES or NO, circle one” - Chelsea Handler

HEY, Washington D.C., Trump Will Be Outta Town For 17 Days!
Donald Trump once questioned the wisdom of taking vacations. “What’s the point?” he asked.
But now the president is getting ready to join the annual August exodus from this town he calls “the swamp.” Trump is due to set out Friday on his first extended vacation from Washington since the inauguration — a 17-day getaway to his private golf club in central New Jersey.

White House officials yesterday said they hope to have a bill on tax reform sent to President Trump before December. December? Do you know how much time could happen between now and December? That’s 12 Scaramuccis from now. - Seth Myers

So who is telling the truth?

Republican Shenanigans

When is congress going to initiate legislation that the president knowingly lying to his people is illegal? Is a crime? - Chelsea Handler

Wow, Was I Wrong About About Scaramucci. I Thought He'd Want Revenge.
Despite his all too brief spell in the White House, Anthony Scaramucci will be forever remembered for his foul-mouthed rant to New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza...“Most of what I said was humorous and joking. Legally, it may have been on the record, but the spirit of it was off. And he [Lizza] knew that,” Scaramucci told the Huffington Post on Tuesday.

BREAKING: Scaramucci Named Communications Director for Hooters. - Andy Borowitz


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Trump Blasts Obama for Hiring Scaramucci. - Andy Borowitz

Rock The Voter News

Almost a Skinhead.
"What A Horse's Ass." - The Statue of Liberty
White House senior adviser Stephen Miller smiled as he volunteered to “take one actual last question” at Wednesday’s news briefing, before press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders returned to the podium. He probably wishes he'd gone ahead and ceded the floor.
Seven minutes later, Miller found himself apologizing to CNN’s Jim Acosta over the fiery, bizarre, combative and confusing exchange that had just ended.

FUN FACT: If Obama had constantly, randomly lied like Trump, the GOP would have voted to bring back slavery.- Tea Pain


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Business/Tech News

Gotta love the people who think that affirmative action is bad but Ivanka totally deserves an office in the White House. - OhNoSheTwitnt

Another Trump Being Sued For Fraud
Ivanka Trump must give a deposition in a lawsuit by an Italian shoemaker claiming her fashion label copied its designs, a federal judge has ruled.

Do you guys know that song “Despacito?” Well, the government of Malaysia has banned the song from radio and TV in that country for having obscene lyrics. They could be right. I’ve heard this song 2,000 times and I still have no idea what it’s about. - James Corden



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

During the late 1950s my Dad would throw the fishing poles, a frying pan and me into his 1954 Kaiser and head towards the Keys from Ft. Lauderdale for a fun day of fishing. It was so pristine.


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