Friday, August 25, 2017

Cat 5 Hurricane

Border Patrol says Texas checkpoints to remain open during Hurricane Harvey
As thousands of Texans prepare to evacuate their cities due to Hurricane Harvey, the United States Border Patrol said it is not planning to close its roadside immigration checkpoints north of the Rio Grande Valley unless there is a danger to travelers or its agents.

As a survivor of over a dozen hurricanes, Hurricane Harvey is going to be bad, people. Please evacuate if you can. Please.

Imagine what then-citizen Trump might have tweeted if President Obama went to Camp David for the weekend as a hurricane neared Texas. - Philip Rucker, Washington Post

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

The President Is Throwing Away Troops Like They're Trash
The White House is almost ready to issue guidance to the Pentagon on the implementation of President Trump's proposal to ban transgender people from serving in the military.

Dear Donnie: With your "trans ban" in the military, what part of "equal protection under the law" don't you understand? You sicken me. - George Takei

I'm Pretty Sure Trump Wouldn't Do This Due To His Bone Spurs.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte put on a public act of force in Marawi on Thursday, firing a sniper rifle toward jihadists affiliated with the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) after his soldiers recaptured the southern city's grand mosque.
Wearing a military uniform, the Philippine leader traveled to the front lines of the battle against the Maute group, which overran the city of 200,000 in May. He stopped at a military patrol base, taking up arms to show unity with his troops.

Reminder: 2 Republican Texas senators and 8 Republican Texas representatives voted NO on relief for Hurricane Sandy victims. - Eric Boehlert

Republican Shenanigans

Flashback to Oct. 2012: when Hurricane Sandy made landfall, Trump was focused on obtaining Obama's passport/college records. - Chris Lu

Surprise! Trump Is Keeping Us In The Dark About Election Hacking.
The federal government has not notified U.S. state election officials if their voting systems were targeted by suspected Russian hackers during the 2016 presidential campaign, and the information will likely never be made public, a top state election chief told Reuters.

TV news stations are interviewing  former head of FEMA Michael Brown about Hurricane Harvey. Jesus that's crazy. - Soledad O'Brien


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Clickbait News killed the Journalist Star. - John Fugelsang

Rock The Voter News

Voices in Trump's Head Say They Can No Longer Work with Him. - Andy Borowitz

What Was James Cameron Thinking?
"Wonder Woman" director Patty Jenkins has fired back at James Cameron for saying her hit superhero film is a "step backwards" for women.

There is a black Muslim and a white guy in a yarmulke sitting next to each other on this train chatting and laughing and I'm tearing up. - OhNoSheTwitnt


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Democrats need to nominate someone more experienced than Trump. I suggest picking randomly from a phonebook. - Jesse McLaren

Business/Tech News

There's no border wall Donald Trump can build that's big enough to hide America's giant 'Help Wanted' sign. - John Fugelsang

Soon, People Will Be Jetskiing Through The Arctic
A Russian tanker carrying natural gas has become the first merchant ship to sail across the Arctic without the help of an icebreaker, finishing the journey in record time.
The ship, the Christophe de Margerie, traveled from Norway to South Korea in 19 days, about 30% quicker than the regular route through the Suez Canal, its Russian owner, Sovcomflot, said this week.

In Saudi Arabia, a 14-year-old boy was detained for dancing to the Macarena. You know, I don’t say this often but I’m going to side with the Saudi government on this one. - Conan O'Brien

Happy 99th birthday Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician who calculated the trajectory of the Apollo 11 mission.



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

A police officer issuing a woman a ticket for wearing a bikini on a beach at Rimini, Italy, in 1957. Do I detect a smile on that police officer's face?

Have a peaceful weekend.

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