Monday, July 24, 2017

The president's son-in-law

Jared Kushner sealed real estate deal with oligarch's firm cited in money-laundering case
Donald Trump’s son-in-law bought part of old New York Times building from Soviet-born tycoon, Guardian investigation into Russian money in NYC property market finds

Jared Kushner met with the Russians more in 6 months than most people go to the dentist in 5 years. - Erik Bransteen

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

"We listened to Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi for years; now they can listen to Russia Russia Russia". ~ Jillian Parker-Binson

Here's REAL Fake News!

The House Of GOP Cards Is Tumbling Down
Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) pointed to his House counterpart Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) for the narrative that former national security adviser Susan Rice improperly "unmasked" or revealed the identities of Americans swept up in intelligence reports.
"The unmasking thing was all created by Devin Nunes, and I'll wait to go through our full evaluation to see if there was anything improper that happened," Burr told CNN in comments reported after his committee interviewed Rice in a closed session on Friday.

I hereby pardon myself for tweeting this tweet about Trump wanting to pardon himself. - Conan O'Brien

Republican Shenanigans

Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams Via The Secret Service
First daughter Tiffany Trump has largely sidestepped her family's Russia drama over the past month by being out of the country, vacationing with her boyfriend and posting fabulous Instagram photos. But a report out Wednesday from CBS News indicates that her trips did not come cheap.

Scaramucci is a used car salesman trying to sell us all a Ferrari with no VIN number and a weird stain the trunk. - Joey Bel

I'm as honked off at Sean Spicer for depriving us of any more Melissa McCarthy sketches as I am at OJ for ruining the Naked Gun movies. #Mad - Mark Hamill


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Yay, another week spent just as our founding fathers intended, phoning our elected representatives and begging them not to kill us. - Jeff Tiedrich

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!

The Blame Hillary Drumbeat Continues
Jason Chaffetz, who recently stepped down from the House of Representatives and into a Fox News gig, wondered why congressional investigators are focusing on Jared Kushner instead of Chelsea Clinton.

Rock The Voter News

"I did not collude", is the new, "I did not have sex w/that woman". Except this time, it's American institutions & democracy getting screwed. - Ana Navarro

How Can These People Lie With A Straight Face?
White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Sunday that President Trump doesn’t believe he’s lying about various controversial statements he's made without backing them up with evidence. 

Let he among you who's never forgotten a $1mil+ loan or lied to get WH security clearance cast the 1st stone at Jared Kushner.
1 line please. - John Fugelsang


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America. Racism. Trump. We never fixed it. Never redeemed ourselves for our two Original Sins: Enslaving black people & genocide of Indians. - Michael Moore

Business/Tech News

The creators of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” announced they are developing a new show that imagines what it would be like if the Confederacy successfully seceded from the United States. Well, give it a couple years and it might be a documentary. - Seth Myers

Sessions sporting his best

Jeff Sessions Wants To Stamp Out Mareejuanah Before He's Fired
A new Department of Justice report on violent crime and marijuana will pave the way for the Trump administration to crack down on the drug, campaigners and lawmakers say.

A lot of people didn’t know how to feel about the news. On one hand, O.J. is a convicted felon. On the other hand, he managed to keep Trump off TV for a whole afternoon. So it’s kind of a community service. - Jimmy Fallon

"I think you should be serious about what you do because this is it. This is the only life you’ve got.”
—Philip Seymour Hoffman, who would have been 50 yesterday


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Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
The Hart tree in the Redwood Mountain Grove, Kings Canyon National Park, California. Just stunning. And my level of bravery would permit to sit in front of this tree!


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  1. Trump was the most worst decision for the US A. Americans should wake before Trump eats up the whole of USA. If the whole of American population unites then Trump cannot cause harm to USA.