Friday, June 16, 2017

Trump submits financial information detailing trust assets

Trump submits financial information detailing trust assets
President Donald Trump is outlining the financial health of the business assets he placed into a trust when he took office.
The information comes in a new financial disclosure he voluntarily made Friday to the Office of Government Ethics. The documents cover January 2016 through this spring

Good morning friends. The President of the United States has announced he is under investigation for obstruction of justice. THIS IS HISTORY. - Peter Daou

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

The "opioid epidemic" is nothin' compared to the epidemic of GOP that can't remember havin' Russians over for dinner. - Tea Pain

Charlie Wilson Did A Better Job In Afghanistan
The Pentagon is making plans to send additional U.S. troops to Afghanistan. While the number is currently expected to be between 3,000 and 5,000 troops, the number is still being worked on, 

According to reports, since President Trump won the Republican nomination, the majority of Trump real estate sales have been to “secretive buyers” who use corporate entities to avoid revealing their names. But I’m pretty sure we all know who’s behind Plad Vutin LLC. - Seth Myers

Republican Shenanigans

I just asked VP Pence about hiring a private lawyer and he said: "It's very routine. Very routine." - Philip Rucker, Washington Post

The DAG May End Up Recusing Himself
Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein sees no reason at this point to recuse himself from overseeing the special counsel's investigations involving President Trump and the 2016 presidential election, the Justice Department said Friday.

A missing plane: 300+ hours of coverage 
23 million Americans about to be missing their health insurance: What did Trump just tweet? - LOLGOP


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Bernie Sanders joins Rand Paul to be one of only two senators in Senate who didn't vote in favor of more sanctions on Russia. - Kara Calavera

Rock The Voter News

No one should think there is a single White House staffer who doesn't deserve every minute of this. They knew what we all knew about Trump. - Lawrence O'Donnell‏,  MSNBC

Sweet Jesus. An Event Planner In HUD Position.
She’s arranged tournaments at Trump golf courses, served as the liaison to the Trump family during his presidential campaign, and even arranged Eric Trump’s wedding.
Now President Trump has appointed longtime loyalist Lynne Patton — who has zero housing experience and claims a law degree the school says she never earned — to run the office that oversees federal housing programs in New York.

When will Bernie call out Tim Canova, whom he endorsed, about stopping conspiracy theories about Clintons murdering Seth Rich? - Marcus. H. Johnson


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Fox News has announced it is dropping its slogan “Fair and Balanced.” For the same reason United dropped “Fly the Friendly Skies.” - Seth Myers

Business/Tech News

Trump's real reason for changing Cuba policy: if I can't build a hotel there while president, then neither can Hilton or Hyatt. So there. - Jim David

Bezos Buys Whole Foods. Is Drone Delivery Next?
Whole Foods is known for its human touch: smiling cashiers, bakers offering free samples, baristas pouring kombucha on tap. Amazon is known for replacing stores for web pages and workers with algorithms

Bezos: "Alexa, buy me something from Whole Foods"

Alexa: "Buying Whole Foods"

Bezos: Sh*t

- Jeff Lewis

We Asked 8 Republican Senators What Their Health Bill Does and They Just Giggled and Ran Off to Cash a Check from a Billionaire Donor. - LOLGOP



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