Saturday, July 18, 2015

Trump slams McCain for being ‘captured’ in Vietnam

Trump slams McCain for being ‘captured’ in Vietnam
AMES, Iowa -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump slammed Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a decorated Vietnam War veteran, on Saturday by saying McCain was not a war hero because he was captured by the North Vietnamese.

The media doesn't get that Donald Trump is the closest some red states will ever get to being able to vote for Boss Hogg.- John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Conservatives: We must do everything we can to secure our homeland from terrorism, except background checks on all gun purchases.- LOLGOP

I didn't do it.

Whoopsy From Italy 
 A dramatic breach at an Italian surveillance company has laid bare the details of government cyberattacks worldwide, putting intelligence chiefs in the hot seat from Cyprus to South Korea. The massive leak has already led to one spymaster's resignation and pulled back the curtain on espionage in the iPhone age.

Republican Shenanigans

Earlier this week Donald Trump gave an interview with CNN at a winery he owns in Virginia. It turns out Trump’s winery makes two different kinds of wine: white wine and not-white wine.- Jimmy Fallon

These People Are A Ticking Time Bomb
The leader of a volunteer group formed as a “watchdog” over Jade Helm 15 military exercises dismissed 90 percent of Americans as useless and said “he can’t wait to kill thousands of these f*cks.”

President Obama today became the first sitting U.S. president to visit a federal prison. And for a brief moment, there was some real excitement over at Fox News.- Seth Myers

Racists Have No Shame, Just Like Trump
Nearly 40,000 demand South Carolina remove slave memorial because it ‘shames’ whites

No, I don’t need a Trump 2016 bumper sticker; I already have truck nuts.- Tea Party Cat

Rock The Voter News

Ever notice how "Freedom Lovers" love freedom so much, they want theirs and yours too? - Tea Pain

Hi, we're Hobby Lobby. We outsourced manufacturing to a country w/forced abortions but won't cover female employee IUD, b/c we're pro-life.- John Fugelsang

Bernie Sanders Calls For A Political Revolution
On Friday, Bernie Sanders may have been the first sitting United States Senator to call for “political revolution” at a rubber chicken dinner.

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Kids in a school. Worshippers in a church. Soldiers at work. We can do better for all of them.- LOLGOP

Business/Tech News

Crushing student loan debt is keeping millions from enjoying crushing home mortgage debt.- John Fugelsang

The Wolves Of Wall Street
 JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) agreed to pay $388 million to settle a suit by investors claiming that the largest U.S. bank had misled them about the safety of $10 billion worth of residential mortgage-backed securities it sold before the financial crisis.

Trump presidency, Day 5: Trump fires congressmen who refuse to vote for his bill building 3-mile high border wall/casino.- Tea Party Cat



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

A trip to Yellowstone National Park isn’t complete without seeing Midway Geyser Basin. A boardwalk leads you to the colorful Grand Prismatic Spring. At 370 feet in diameter and over 121 feet deep, Grand Prismatic is the park’s largest hot spring. This jaw-dropping multi-image panorama shows Grand Prismatic Spring at night with the #MilkyWay sparkling above it and the stars reflected in the water below. Image courtesy of Dave Lane Astrophotography. — at Yellowstone National Park.


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  1. Funny how Republicans are shocked and outraged that anyone would denigrate a veteran, as if the Swift Boat attacks never happened.