Friday, February 6, 2015

NBC News standing by Brian Williams in Iraq war-embellishment issue

NBC News standing by Brian Williams in Iraq war-embellishment issue
NBC News is standing by Brian Williams after the anchor's admission that he embellished his role in a military incident during the Iraq war.

Well it took 12 years but FOX News finally got upset over a lie about Iraq.- John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Bush lied about his military service, and so did Reagan
Bush's account of his Guard service and Reagan's story of the Nazi death camp were huge lies -- but never big news

I always suspected someone lied to get us to invade Iraq, I just didn’t realize it was Brian Williams who lied about the WMDs.- Tea Party Cat

Republican Shenanigans

How dare Obama say bad things are done in the name of religion?! 
I'm so furious that I can't even focus on breaking up same-sex marriages.- LOLGOP

GOP Priorities: Rename A Mountain
Lawmakers have failed in past attempts to rename North America's highest mountain, but a new proposal may have a better chance this year under a Republican Congress, according to an aide to an Alaska lawmaker who is resurrecting the effort.

If I had been wrong about as many things for as long as Republicans have, I'd have an all-consuming fury for Brian Williams too.- LOLGOP

Fox & Friends Fools
On Fox & Friends this morning, co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck spoke to Bishop E.W. Jackson about President Barack Obama’s statements comparing Islamic State terrorists to Christian crusaders.

Rock The Voter News

Obamacare represents things that Republicans hate most, Obama and the verb "care."- Andy Borowitz

Kansas Kutters
Republican Gov. Sam Brownback said Thursday he would cut spending on Kansas' public schools and universities and GOP legislators approved a plan to shift around money to plug a budget hole as the state scrambled to cope with a revenue shortfall following aggressive tax cuts.

What's fun is the the only people in America who still wish George W. Bush were in office are the ones who hate Jeb Bush most.- LOLGOP

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"President Obama said that Michelle Obama is very strong and talented and she frequently tells him that he is wrong. As a result, Michelle Obama is now the Republican front-runner for 2016." –Conan O'Brien

Business/Tech News

Cyber War On U.S. By Who?
Several U.S. states are investigating a massive cyberattack on No. 2 U.S. health insurer Anthem Inc that a person familiar with the matter said is being examined for possible ties to China.

The economy is almost working again. Looks like we're going to need another Bush to torch it.- LOLGOP

"According to a new report, there are still five people alive today who were born in the 1800s. Even crazier, every one of them was re-elected this November." –Seth Meyers


Thank you for the Valentine's gift, Archie.


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

The Cenotes Of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. I wish that was me standing there! What a gorgeous place.


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