Wednesday, June 4, 2014

GOP Urged White House To 'Do All It Can' To Get Bowe Bergdahl

GOP Urged White House To 'Do All It Can' To Get Bowe Bergdahl
As soon as President Barack Obama told the nation Saturday evening that America's only prisoner of war in Afghanistan had been rescued, Republican lawmakers and pundits began criticizing the administration on how it handled the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

Republicans should probably shy away from attributing soldiers' deaths to one person given that they're planning on running a Bush in 2016.- LOLGOP

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

28 percent say we should take the Bible literally, which explains the demise of Red Lobster.- LOLGOP

California Votes For Homeless Vet's Housing

California residents have voted for a plan to spend $600 million to build houses for homeless veterans in the state with the highest number of ex-servicemen without a roof in the United States.

UPDATE: Republicans entering Day 4 of being mad an American prisoner of war won't be left in Afghanistan.- LOLGOP

Republican Shenanigans

A fat Chris Christie is the least of his problems. He needs the weight of the right wing. I envision a Tony Soprano and Cliven Bundy photo op. – All Hat No Cattle

Honestly, I wish the GOP's scandalphrenia could stick on the VA thing for a while. There's an actual tragedy to resolve there.- LOLGOP

NRA Changes Mind On Open Carry

 The National Rifle Association has rolled back an earlier statement criticizing "open carry" rallies in Texas in which gun rights advocates have brought military-style assault rifles into public places.

Newly leaked documents show the NSA has been collecting millions of pictures of people online for its sophisticated facial recognition program. Americans said it's a huge violation of their privacy — then they went back to posting selfies every 30 minutes.- Jimmy Fallon

Women Get Raped Twice

Rape victims are still paying medical bills related to their assaults, despite federal efforts to lift that burden, reported PBS.

A new study funded by the National Institute of Justice, the research arm of the U.S. Department of Justice, found that rape victims are still paying for prevention and treatment of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

Rock The Voter News

In a new interview, President Obama revealed that his daughter Malia recently went to her first prom. She wore a corsage on her wrist while her date wore a red laser dot on his head.- Jimmy Fallon

Pie In The Sky: Changing The Constitution On Campaign Spending

Democrats are pushing for an amendment that would allow Congress to rein in campaign spending. It has no chance of passing, highlighting how hard it is to change the US Constitution.

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The GOP does too have a plan to address climate change-- repeal Obamacare and let poor people die which will reduce emissions. See?- Top Conservative Ca

Business/Tech News

Science deniers must sell their computers made by evil science. They must not support the evil scientists employed by the Internet, either.- AllHatNoCattle

California Takes The Lead, Most States To Follow

 Democratic California Governor Jerry Brown, seeking an unprecedented fourth term, beat out his nearest Republican competitor by more than 35 percentage points in Tuesday’s primary in a race that highlights the shaky state of the Republican Party in the most populous U.S. state.

This week it was announced that golfer Phil Mickelson is under investigation by the FBI for insider trading of Clorox stock. By the way, insider trading of Clorox stock by a professional golfer is the whitest collar crime possible.- Seth Myers



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