Thursday, March 11, 2021

Oklahoma House Passes Bill To Give Immunity To Drivers Who Hit Protesters

The legislation approved by the Republican-led House comes after Black Lives Matter protests last summer against racist police violence.

Apparently, conservative Oklahoma wants to make murder legal. Is that even legal?


The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Trump Rips Biden’s Failure To Mock People’s Looks In First Fifty Days. - Andy Borowitz



What Is Mitch McConnell Saying? Does He Want To Lower The Level of Protection For The Capitol?
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday criticized the level of security at the U.S. Capitol right now, two months after a violent riot happened there, and compared it to what he previously saw in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Democrats accomplishments since Biden was sworn in.  Passed massive relief bill, developed real plan to fight covid, getting more than 2 millions shots in arms a day and rolling back the most oppressive elements of Trump agenda. Republicans -- read some children's books. - Joe Lockhart


Republican Shenanigans

I’d follow any random pregnant woman into battle before I’d follow Tucker Carlson. - Middle Age Riot

When Republicans Fail, They Try, Try, Again

How I felt during the last administration


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Americans To Hear First Presidential Address In Four Years. - Andy Borowitz

Geraldo Rivera Wants To Be A US Senator. I Hope He Makes His Announcement From Al Capone's Vault.
Geraldo Rivera said on Wednesday that he is considering a run for Senate, eyeing the seat in Ohio that is soon to be vacated by Sen. Rob Portman. “Pondering running for retiring @senrobportman seat in United States Senate,” Rivera tweeted, before adding,  ‘It’d Scare the Bejesus Out of the Democrats.’

By retweeting Trump press releases, you guys are doing what NBC did by airing ‘The Apprentice’

Giving him a mass audience for doing absolutely nothing, - Roland Scahill



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Former Guy put out a statement yesterday and everyone ignored it and it's already forgotten and that's f*cking glorious. enjoy irrelevance, you needy f*ck. - Jeff Tiedrich

Business/Tech News

Trump Argues His Name Should Be On Stimulus Checks Because He Made Economic Disaster Possible. - Andy Borowitz

Indict Trump, Already, Before He Leaves The USA!

FDR in 1944, recalling this month 1933:
“You remember...the starvation wages...foreclosures of homes...bankruptcies of business...the young men and women...facing a hopeless, jobless future...the blank despair of a whole nation...the utter impotence of the federal government.”



Mt. Everest peeking out above the clouds.

Peace and beauty.

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