Friday, February 19, 2021

Texas Needs Another Ann Richards, When She Saw BS, She Called It Out.

The number of people in Texas without running, drinkable water dwarfed the number of homes and businesses without power Friday morning as the state ...

The original quote was about George H W Bush Ann Richards made at the Democratic National Convention in 1988: 'Poor George, he can't help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth.'

His son, George W. Bush defeated Ann Richards' re election for governor of Texas in 1995. He went ahead in the polls after rumors were spread that Richards was a lesbian.

Mexico Celebrates Cruz's Departure. - Andy Borowitz


The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

With Donald Trump out of the spotlight, Ted Cruz has kindly reminded us that there are lots of other Republican politicians who are equally awful. - Middle Age Riot


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Should Be Investigated As Vigorously As NY Gov. Cuomo Is Being Investigated. Just Imagine If He Called Off Spring Break in 2020.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is already positioning himself as one of these post-pandemic White House hopefuls. The basic gist of the story is that while DeSantis, just 42 years old and still in his first term, formerly “drew national scorn for his stewardship of Florida’s Covid-19 response,” his “resistance to restrictive measures” like mask mandates and the blowback he got for being “divorced from science” has now “strengthened” his standing “among the GOP grassroots and elites heading into his 2022 reelection” — and even inspired “conservative chatter nationwide about a presidential bid.”

Ron DeSantis: I am the dumbest politician on the planet. 

Ted Cruz: Hold my mojito. - Hamish Mitchell


Republican Shenanigans

Don't vote for anyone you wouldn't trust with your dog. - Hillary Clinton tweet


Meanwhile, Georgia Republicans Limit Absentee Ballots
Georgia state senators passed legislation this week that would place limitations on absentee voting, months after the reliably red state turned blue in the November election following record turnout from absentee voters. 

I'm from New Jersey, so I can't let this go without tweeting that Cruz voted against disaster relief after Hurricane Sandy. - Pat Dennis 



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Christian site raised up to 2 million dollars for the 17-year-old boy Kyle Rittenhouse who murdered two people during BLM protest.

NYC democratic congresswoman AOC raised 2 million dollars in relief aid to help Texans recover.

Both parties are not the same. - Mohamad Safa


Rock The Voter News

BIG THANKS to the volunteers who made over 784,000 phone calls to senior citizens in Texas today. 

You helped to connect them with water, food, transportation, and shelter. 

And you made sure that they knew we were thinking about them and that they matter to us. - Beto O'Rourke

 The angels among us...

I Just Don't Know If I Should Believe Ivanka

Cuomo Tells Journalists There’s A Few More Deaths That Won’t Be Reported If They Keep Asking Questions. - The Onion


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Business/Tech News

Cancun Fears It Will Be Perceived As Travel Destination For Losers. - Andy Borowitz


Finally, The USA Is Back In The Saddle Again!

I would NEVER leave my beloved dog in a house for days that was too cold for me to stay in.





Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Milford Sound, New Zealand.  That photo make me feel tiny.


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  1. Been to Milford Sound, and in spite of the fact that the nation of New Zealand is two tiny islands, the fjords make you feel tiny. And glad for the rules about only going out on nice, calm days. Its a real spectacle in a stormy sea.