Friday, December 6, 2019

Trump hints at possible trade action against Canada

Trump hints at possible trade action against Canada
Following a frosty couple days, U.S. President Donald Trump has once again hinted at a possible trade spat with Canada

Canada Fears Photo of Prime Minister With Pandas Could Worsen American Refugee Crisis  - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

In War of Elton John Lyrics Kim Jong Un Calls Trump "Honky Cat" - Andy Borowitz

Trump Is Too Lazy To Use Burner Phones
President Donald Trump has communicated with Rudy Giuliani on unsecured personal cellphone lines that were almost certainly being monitored by Russian intelligence, current and former US officials told The Washington Post.

Giuliani Arrested At Customs Trying To Smuggle Conspiracy Theories Into Ukraine - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

1 in 5 American children are now on food stamps which is why we must cut food stamps to reduce their dependency on food. - John Fugelsang

Another Government Shutdown?
President Trump spoke on Thursday night with Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) about government funding ahead of the Dec. 20 shutdown deadline. 
A source familiar with the discussion said the president and Shelby had a "productive conversation" about the appropriations process. 

The media practically made Elizabeth Warren do an Excel spreadsheet about Medicare For All, but when was the last time they asked Donald Trump about his healthcare plan? His plan is “get a note from your podiatrist.” - Andy Borowitz


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John Kerry introducing Biden in Cedar Rapids. Says they worked together for 24 years in the senate. 
“The only team that’s worked more closely than us is Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.”

Rock The Voter News

Republicans on Judiciary Committee Blast Democrats' Constant References to Laws - Andy Borowitz

I Wish Impeachment Included Tar and Feathering
More than 500 law professors have signed an open letter calling President Trump's conduct impeachable the day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that committee chairmen should begin drafting articles of impeachment. 
The 520 professors said in the letter posted to Medium that impeachment does not require a crime, but rather an abuse of the public trust.

If we wind up with Joe Biden running against Donald Trump, I say we put them both on stage and whichever one can reset the clock on a VCR after a power outage gets to be president. - Rex Huppke


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Uber in the US (2018):- 1.3 billion rides- 9 murders, 3,045 sexual assaults and 58 fatal crashes

New York City subway (2018):- 1.7 billion rides- 2 murders, 2 rapes and no fatal crashes

- Edward Hardy

Business/Tech News

I’ve lived in Miami for 25 years and have seen some things, but yesterday’s Wild West shootout on the highway where cops used vehicles & their occupants as human shields is new. Our law enforcement is going rogue & it feels symptomatic of the malignant lawlessness from on high. - Scott Linnen

You Go, Girl!
Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg said on Friday the voices of climate strikers are being heard but politicians are still not taking action. "We are getting bigger and bigger and our voices are being heard more and more, but of course that does not translate into political action," Thunberg

You cannot worship the child in the manger while caging the child at the border.


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Time To Deflate Photo
This sea slug Costasiella kuroshimae is nicknamed "Shaun the sheep.”  Imagine walking into the sea and that squishing through your toes.

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