Monday, October 23, 2017

Trump's Support For The Troops

Black female lawmakers demand Kelly apologize to Dem lawmaker for "reckless and false" attack
The women of the Congressional Black Caucus on Sunday called on White House chief of staff John Kelly to apologize for his "reprehensible" remarks about Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson (D), in which he accused her of bragging about securing funding at a building dedication honoring slain FBI agents.

#NFL : Please #TakeAKnee for the horrible treatment of a war widow by the president.
#MyeshiaJohnson #LaDavidJohnson #MakeAmericaLoveAgain

Yes, let's all attack the war widow Myeshia Johnson. Stand up and take a bow, America, you've reached a new low. - Jeff Tiedrich

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

The GOP politicized Benghazi to bash a woman & black man, they're ignoring Niger to protect a deranged sexual predator. THAT makes me sick.- Ricky Davila

The U.S. Air Force is preparing to put nuclear-armed bombers back on 24-hour ready alert, a status not seen since the Cold War ended in 1991.

No Trump family member has served in the military. None.
That alone speaks volumes.

This Paragraph Is Very Disturbing About The Niger Attack
...For months before the ambush, the U.S. military had requested more drones or other surveillance aircraft in Niger and additional military medical support, but those requests met resistance from the U.S. ambassador to the country, who was reluctant to increase the American presence in the country, according to a U.S. official briefed on the attack.

FYI: The ambassador to Niger is Eunice Reddick, an accomplished black woman appointed by -- surprise -- Obama!

Republican Shenanigans

Jerk at airport just told me Ms. Johnson's account of Trump call is "bullshit." Me: How do you know? Him: "They released the recording of the call." Me: They did not. Him: "It's on the Internet." Me: It's not. Him: "It is." Me: Bet you $50. Him: Silence. - David Corn, Mother Jones

Ivanka Is Hiding Something. Doh!
Maybe it just slipped her mind.
Ivanka Trump's federal financial disclosure report doesn't mention her past involvement with the charitable foundation that bears her family's name—and which remains under investigation for self-dealing.

It’s sad that Republicans are more offended with a congresswoman’s hat than the president belittling a Gold Star family. - Tony Posnanski

While Rep. Frederica Wilson does not clutch her pearls, Roy Moore clutches his little


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From My Archives 2 Years Ago When Hillary Testified For 11 Hours About Benghazi

Subject: Stop the world I want to get off

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for the laughs. We need it.
So many natural disasters, so many people suffering and Trump golfs and insults a war widow along with his chief of staff. What have we become? Why aren't Americans more outraged? Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are mostly ignored by Trump or as you said "intentional neglect"
Republicans and Democrats were outraged at Weinstein but not at Trump for his crude remarks about sexual assault? That's cray cray
Trump reminds me of Nero.
Thanks for all you do. I needed to vent

Thank you for writing Alex.

That is a good analogy of Trump as Nero. If I may add to that -- Trump wasn't playing a fiddle while the country was burning -- he was playing golf.

Trump and the Republicans are systematically dismantling the country, including any shred of its moral authority. Sigh.

I just try and find something, anything, that is humorous and that is getting harder and harder to find. Thank you for your appreciation.

Trump is currently fighting w/ a former POW who has brain cancer and an Army widow who's six months pregnant. 
behold today's GOP - Eric Boehlert

Rock The Voter News

Trump Seeks to Prove His Theory That Hillary Killed JFK - Andy Borowitz

Mueller Is Also Investigating A Democrat
Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta and the Podesta Group, according to an NBC News report.
Mueller, who is leading the investigation into Russia’s attempts to meddle in the United States election, is reportedly probing the firm to determine whether it violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) in its work for the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECMU). The non-profit ECMU was part of a public relations campaign run by former President Trump's campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, to support Ukraine’s reputation.

Shout Out To Sarah Huckabee Slanders For Using The Phrase "ALL HAT NO CATTLE" As The Traffic To My Website Increased

From My Archives

Former Presidents Put Aside Partisan Differences to Agree That Trump is a Dick. - Andy Borowitz


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Business/Tech News

“Anyone who thinks that Donald Trump is on some mission to make white people look good hasn’t been paying attention,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. - Andy Borowitz

UK Trying To Clean Up American Swamp Creatures
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain’s financial watchdog has fined Bank of America’s (BAC.N) Merrill Lynch investment banking arm 34.5 million pounds ($45.5 million) for its third transaction reporting failure in just over a decade.

"The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter." - Mark Twain


Fall Fundraiser

Thank you!


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Papa Bear took this photo right after he ate Goldilocks.


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