Friday, May 19, 2017

White House Staff Reacts To Trump Going Overseas

Trump told Russians firing 'nut job' Comey eased pressure on him: report
President Trump told Russian officials his firing of FBI Director James Comey relieved “great pressure” on him, calling the former FBI chief a “nut job,” The New York Times reported Friday.
"I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job," Trump said, according to a report based on a summary of the meeting obtained by the Times.

There's only one nut job in the WH that needs to be fired. Several liars, few criminals, couple idiots, and one total fucking nutcase. - Alt Fed Employee Tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Dear Foreign Heads of State,
When Trump comes to visit, make sure his bed has rubber sheets.
Don't ask why. Just trust me on this. - Jeff Tiedrich

Russians are our friends.
California Congressman Warned About Russians
The F.B.I. warned a Republican congressman in 2012 that Russian spies were trying to recruit him, officials said, an example of how aggressively Russian agents have tried to influence Washington politics.
The congressman, Dana Rohrabacher of California, has been known for years as one of Moscow’s biggest defenders in Washington and as a vocal opponent of American economic sanctions against Russia. He claims to have lost a drunken arm-wrestling match with the current Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, in the 1990s. He is one of President Trump’s staunchest allies on Capitol Hill.

Boris Yeltsin, the first President of the Russian Federation, in party mode. June 10, 1996. Good times after the Wall came down and before Putin.

I sympathize with GOP. It's hard picking between an amoral POTUS who betrays America to Russian & using him to kill Americans with Trumpcare. - Mrs. Betty Bowers

Republican Shenanigans

Fred Flintstone impersonator, Sean Hannity, is hypocritically imploring us: "Only speak good of the dead." OK. Roger Ailes is dead. Good. - Mrs. Betty Bowers

Mini-Trump In The Making?
The Republican mayoral candidate in a central Pennsylvania borough has been jailed following his election night arrest on charges he tried to break into one of his rental properties during a dispute with a tenant.

Trump's message for his Middle East visit: "No one in this region has been persecuted as much as me." - Andy Borowitz

Ryan Warns Of Leaks To Come
Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) says the possibility that more secret recordings could be leaked is a “cause for concern” after a leak emerged from a 2016 House GOP leadership meeting. 


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Rock The Voter News

Biden Looking To Further Divide Democrats. Sad.
Former Vice President Joe Biden still isn't done with Hillary Clinton and the 2016 election -- and that may be why he refuses to rule out running again for president in 2020.

When Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden boast that they would have done better than Hillary, I hope they realize it makes THEM look bad, not her. - Peter Daou

This Is How A Special Prosecutor Treated The Clintons
We Arkansans who remember the assault of Kenneth Starr and his army upon our state are amused at the current party leader who’s whining about being “mistreated.” The tragic trail of families disrupted, reputations defamed, and lives destroyed by this man and his legions, will remain in collective memories for years to come. They include those of a dear lady who witnessed her personal library subpoenaed because some books “contained coded messages,” according to a Starr operative. These consisted of dates with suspicious lettering beside them, such as “tg, pc, mp, ml, and fc.” The worst James Bond villain couldn’t have posed a greater threat to our national security. The only thing missing was crime-scene tape.

To All the Countries Trump is About to Visit: 
Please don't judge all Americans. He's the very worst one, I swear. - Andy Borowitz


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Biz/Tech News

Praising his Presidency, Trump said today that "the track we're on is record-setting." He is so right - no President has had an independent counsel on his ass just four months in.- Andy Borowitz

On the passing of Roger Ailes

EPA Stonewalls Senator
Sen. Tom Carper resubmitted a request for information and documents to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt after receiving a nonresponsive letter from his office.

the ppl who said
Bill Clinton's immoral
HRC's dangerously careless
BHO's inexperienced & plays too much golf
gave us Combover Caligula. - John Fugelsang


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