Friday, April 15, 2016

The Brooklyn Debate

The most memorable lines from the Democratic debate in Brooklyn
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders squared off in a bruising Brooklyn debate Thursday night, less than a week out from New York's critical -- and increasingly contentious -- primary.

Last night was the big Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. They discussed important issues such as national security, the economy, and whose supporters are the most annoying on Facebook.- Jimmy Fallon

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared on a call-in show for Russian television and he actually took questions. The most common question Putin got was, "Will I ever see my family again?"- Conan O'Brien

Soldiers rest in a shrapnel ridden tent after a German artillery strike on the Anzio. 1944

Medical Marijuana For Vets
The Senate Appropriations Committee approved an amendment Thursday that would allow Veterans Affairs (V.A.) doctors to recommend, in states where it is legal, medical marijuana as a treatment option,  the Military Times reported. It would essentially allow V.A. doctors to operate under the same rules as civilian physicians in medical marijuana states.

Trump is complaining that the Republican establishment is trying to keep him out, which is weird, because I thought keeping people out was something he strongly favored.- Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

BREAKING: Bill Nye challenges Sarah Palin to one-on-one debate on science,  economics, foreign policy, "or any topic she wants to suggest"- The Daily Edge

We really have veered into apocalyptic territory if we live in a world where Paul Ryan is considered the voice of reason.- Andy Borowitz

I can't wear my cowboy hat in jail.

Dumb Ass Cliven Bundy
Cliven Bundy’s cattle have decimated the public lands they share with an endangered tortoise, and now both the cows and the turtles may be starving.

"Trans people might be child molesters" - GOP pols, the week we learned the longest-serving GOP Speaker was a child molester.- John Fugelsang

Can Ted Cruz Get Any Creepier? Why, Of Course!
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) defended a statewide ban on sex toy sales in the Lone Star State, a new report says.
Cruz argued in a 2007 court brief that individuals have no legal right to such products in public or private...

Rock The Voter News

Yesterday Trump met with one of his arch nemeses, Megyn Kelly. They talked for an hour. In the end they agreed to put aside their differences and get back to what's important, which is getting white people very angry.- Jimmy Kimmel

That awkward moment when great businessman, leader, and future President Donald Trump’s own daughter can’t figure out how to vote for him. - Tea Party Cat

Biz/Tech News

During their family town hall event on CNN last night, Ted Cruz's wife revealed that their daughters want Taylor Swift to be their first guest to visit the White House. Aw, that's so cute. They think he has a chance.- Seth Myers

Norwegian Air Gets Tentative Nod on U.S. Flights Over Protests
Captain Tim Canoll, president of the Air Line Pilots Association in Washington, in a statement Friday. “DOT is proposing to allow a foreign airline to compete directly with U.S. airlines on long-haul international routes with unfair economic advantages.”

LA has the best Chinese food made by Mexicans but NYC has the finest Greek diners run by Dominicans. - John Fugelsang



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