Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Hampshire Primary


New Hampshire primary: Candidates buttonhole voters as they head to polls
MANCHESTER, N.H. - Republican candidates jockeyed here for voters' support in rapid succession Tuesday, capping an intense and harsh campaign that appeared to set the tone for the unpredictable nominating race that lies ahead.

Michael Bloomberg in 2016, because what this election needs is a second narcissist authoritarian billionaire in the race.- Jeff Tiedrich

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

They say that cannabis makes you violent. 
And lazy. 
I say making violent people lazy is the only crime prevention plan that works. - John Fugelsang

U.S. Guns, Car Crashes and Drugs
Gun injuries, car crashes and drug poisoning account for more than one year of shortened life expectancy in American men compared to men in other high-income countries, according to Centers for Disease Control research .

I saw that the unemployment rate in the U.S. just fell below 5 percent, which is the lowest it's been in eight years. When asked for comment on the number of unemployed Americans, Obama said, “Uh ... I can't wait to be one of them!”- Jimmy Fallon

Republican Shenanigans

Donald Trump wanted to become America's president but wound up becoming America's IQ test. -John Fugelsang

Christie Resorts To Crowing
DERRY, N.H. — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Tuesday that Ohio Gov. John Kasich inflated the number of his town halls and that he, Christie, had spent far more time interacting with voters over the past several months here in New Hampshire.

Michigan Republicans just passed a bill making anal sex illegal; unless of course it's them doing it to Flint. - John Fugelsang

Illinois Has Blonde Racist School Board Member!
An Illinois school board member is under fire for kicking off Black History Month by posting a racist message on the board’s official Facebook page.

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Voting for a candidate who hates government is like hiring a quarterback who hates football. - John Fugelsang

Tony Soprano's long lost sister.

Trump Spokesperson: Donald Trump is like a ‘Founding Father’ when he says ‘p*ssy’
While speaking about GOP hopeful Ted Cruz at a rally in Manchester on Monday, Trump repeated an audience member’s description of the Texas senator. “She said he’s a p*ssy."

Rock The Voter News

Ben Franklin started 1st colonial printing press w/hemp paper. Not saying he smoked it, as many sober guys fly kites in thunderstorms. - John Fugelsang

Bernie Is A Shoe In According To Nate Silver
Bernie Sanders is all but guaranteed to win New Hampshire, according to a polls-plus projection by FiveThirtyEight, the data-driven website run by polling guru Nate Silver.

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Vietnam Vet's News
The U.S. National Park Service is proposing to limit the commemorative items it keeps from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial as it faces a potential space crunch from more than 400,000 tribute objects, the agency said on Tuesday.

"Any new business regulation is Communism," say the politicians & businessmen who moved your job to China. - John Fugelsang

Business/Tech News

So it's #NationalPizzaDay #NationalBagelDay #PancakeDay and #FatTuesday.  It's almost like they're trying to tell us something. - John Fugelsang

Companies lose billions buying back their own stock
If you think your stocks are doing poorly, check out the performance of some of the most sophisticated investors, the ones with more knowledge about what's going on inside businesses than anyone else


Just another day in the neighborhood...

I need a pat on the back.

The Internet connection is bad enough when it's good and now the power here is having problems...it's the wiring plus the high winds. Yesterday a transformer blew and there was no power most of the day and into the night in the neighborhood. When the power came back on, it messed with some switch, which lessens the power to the refrigerator. It happened before. The owner needs new wiring as it wasn't done right in the first place, is the general consensus. I am without refrigeration. Day 2 and counting.

To top it all off, the winds here are incredible. That's what caused the original outage. It comes in waves and you can literally lean into the wind. I guess the gusts are about 30-40 mph.

You be the judge:

I hope today's issue was met with your approval as it was done under duress!!! lol


Odd News
Time To Deflate Photo

Horsehead Nebula. It looks so mystical. The horse should be a unicorn.


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