Friday, January 8, 2016

Ryan: Why didn't Obama cry over ISIS beheading?


Ryan: Why didn't Obama cry over ISIS beheading?
Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) suggested Thursday that President Obama should have gotten as emotional over the deaths caused by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorists as he did over gun violence.

The people who smeared Obama for crying over dead children would now like to scream at you about their love for the unborn.- John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

#TedCruz just said "You don't want a lunatic or a zealot to have nuclear weapons." With a straight face yet.- Kona Lowell

Benghazi Rerun From 2 Years Ago! But Live!
 Former CIA Director David Petraeus's testimony to the House Benghazi committee Wednesday was consistent with what he told congressional investigators more than two years ago when he debunked several conspiracy theories 

I noticed that Fox News is not demanding Obama call the assholes in the Oregon bird refuge "Right-wing Christian terrorists."- Kona Lowell

Instead Of Velvet Glove Treatment, How About Kicking Their Asses Out?
The leader of a group of armed protesters occupying a U.S. wildlife refuge in rural southeastern Oregon on Thursday rejected a sheriff’s offer of passage out of the state to end the standoff.

I think we’ve found the one group of guys from Oregon who don’t smoke pot.- Conan O'Brien

Republican Shenanigans

"My life is a nightmare that will not end."- Jeb Bush

Crowd Control, Trump Style
Republican front-runner Donald Trump directed security to kick out Bernie Sanders supporters from his Vermont rally and to confiscate their coats.
"Throw them out into the cold," Trump ordered security, as protesters shouted "Bernie! Bernie!" during his rally Thursday night in Burlington, Vt.

"Criminals don't follow laws" is the "Jet fuel can't melt steel beams" of conservative politics, except presidential candidates say it.- LOLGOP

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Ted Cruz Fighting Urge to Call For His Own Deportation. - cafedotcom tweet

White House Scoffs At Obamacare Repeal
The White House scoffed Wednesday at congressional Republicans’ efforts to repeal ObamaCare.
Asked what Republicans accomplished by sending a repeal bill to the president’s desk for the first time, White House press secretary Josh Earnest offered a one-word answer. 

CNBC: US leads world as #JobsReports crushes expectations
CNN: 5.8M jobs created in last 24 months
FoxNews: No salt found in Obama's tears. - The Daily Edge

Rock The Voter News

Remember how Mitt Romney strapped a dog to the roof of his car? That seems quaint now.- Conan O'Brien

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No More Mao?
A giant golden statue of Chairman Mao in China’s Tongxu County that captivated the Internet in recent days appears to have been suddenly torn down.

The KKK has gone to the Supreme Court to adopt a highway. Well, technically, just the white stripe in the middle. - Conan O'Brien

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My plan to defeat ISIS? Get them to eat at Chipotle. - Conan O'Brien

No More Hawaiian Sugar Cane
The owners of Hawaii's last sugar plantation say they're getting out of the sugar-growing business. Miles of sugar cane fields once spread across the islands, providing work to thousands of immigrants and shaping Hawaii life. Soon, they'll be gone. 

If weed is a gateway drug then beer is the well-lit accessible walkway that leads right to the gate. - John Fugelsang


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