Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Laptop Woes


Houston, we have a problem.

I am convinced that the high heat, humidity and dust has been the cause of my 3rd laptop to have motherboard problems since 2012. The tech agrees. He said he sees this all the time.

Now that AHNC is located in a much cooler place, with infrequent high humidity, so hopefully my electronics will fare much better.

Thank you viewers for the great purple tablet, at least I can get online. But I need the power of a laptop to run graphic programs for AHNC or I will have to resort to writing boring columns, like this with a few low resolution graphics!

My touchpad began having problems when I lived at my last place, it was very hot there. Around that time my DVD player stopped working and eventually the USB connections, by the time I relocated. Its current state is not being able to turn it on.

I must say, I do work my laptop hard as I produce many editions a year using 1000s of graphics.

Please be patient. I will be back to normal once I get a working laptop!


Time To Deflate Photo

Audrey Hepburn in red. Photograph by Richard Avedon, 1961


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