Monday, August 3, 2015

Koch warns conservatives must demand smaller government


Koch warns conservatives must demand smaller government
Billionaire industrialist Charles Koch warned America is "done for" if the conservative donors and politicians he gathered at a retreat over the weekend  don't rally others to their cause of demanding a smaller, less-intrusive government.

Conservatives don't really wanna get rid of Liberals.  Then who would fix their economies and end their wars? - Tea Pain Tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

With the first debate just days away, GOP hopefuls are busy scrubbing their brains of math, science and geography.- Andy Borowitz

The Donald Would Quack Like A Duck If Waterboarded
Donald Trump opened the door to torturing terrorism suspects if he's elected president, telling ABC News Sunday that waterboarding "doesn't sound very severe" given the barbarism of ISIS.

My favorite Bible story was that time Jesus deported all the Samaritans, blessed the rich, and then lectured the poor for being lazy.- Tea Party Cat

Republican Shenanigans

Rick Perry Trying To Out Trump Trump
Former Gov. Rick Perry‘s (R-TX) appearance on Fox News Sunday was dominated by Trump talk, as the Republican candidate has become known as the fiercest critic of the celebrity billionaire and his over-the-top rhetoric...“I will not be quiet,” Perry said on multiple occasions, “I will not back down,”...

The federally funded services Planned Parenthood offers prevent abortions, unlike Republicans.- LOLGOP

GOP Still Messing With Voting Rights, For A Good Reason, It Works!
When George W. Bush became the first person to lose the popular vote and still take the White House since 1888 — with huge assists from Jeb Bush, John Roberts, Ted Cruz, and the Supreme Court — it proved to conservatives that it was too easy to vote in America.

Rock The Voter News

Remember Darren Wilson? He Answers His Door Incognito.
A New Yorker profile of the police officer who shot unarmed teen Michael Brown to death in Ferguson, Missouri revealed that he is living in virtual anonymity and is deeply incurious about the larger events around the killing and the unrest that it spawned.

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Is Chris Christie In The Mafia Or Politics?
A Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said over the weekend that the national teachers union deserved a “punch in the face” because it had become the most destructive force in America’s education system.

WSJ poll confirms that the more racist, sexist, policy-free & hypocritical Trump gets, the more primary voters like him.  Any questions?- John Fugelsang

Business/Tech News

Beijing to host 2022 Winter Olympics, which is possible since pollution will blot out the sun by then and plunge them into permanent winter.- Tea Party Cat

Obama Irritates Climate Deniers
The Obama administration unveiled a major climate change plan on Sunday aimed at a large reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the nation's coal-burning power plants. On Monday, President Barack Obama will begin selling it to the public at a White House event.

Puerto Rico Needs Tourism
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Most tables are empty at Walter Martin's coffee shop in San Juan's colonial district. His brow is furrowed with concern and glistens with sweat in the sweltering Caribbean morning.

The Internet manages to show how far Homo Sapiens have come while simultaneously showing how far they haven't. - John Fugelsang


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