Thursday, July 23, 2015

Republican Outreach Talking Points

Donald Trump Threatens Third-Party Candidacy
Donald J. Trump has been roiling Republicans by attacking his rivals on their weak poll numbers and questioning their energy (Jeb Bush) and intelligence (Rick Perry).
But the larger threat that he poses to the party is the prospect that he could opt out and run as a third-party candidate. True to form, Mr. Trump is keeping the option open.

Having Donald Trump as President would pretty much eliminate immigration.- Andy Borowitz

Looking forward to the GOP's "Immigrants are Rapists and American Women Should Be Forced to Bear Their Children 2016" campaign.- LOLGOP

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

If the GOP really thinks Iran is going to cheat no matter what, they'll get their war anyway. Their real fear is that Iran will comply.- LOLGOP

Iran Debate
The first prominent face-off in the debate over the proposed nuclear agreement with Iran opened Thursday morning as Obama administration officials were confronted by skeptical members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Calling immigrants "rapists" gave Donald Trump's GOP poll numbers an erection.- LOLGOP

Republican Shenanigans

Trump Blames Unions For Messing Up His Border Tour
After a local Border Patrol union in Laredo, Texas, pulled out of its Thursday tour of the U.S.-Mexico border with Donald Trump, the real estate mogul blamed the cancellation on "pressure at the national level."

Maybe, just maybe, all of the Republican candidates losing to Trump are also complete jokes. - LOLGOP

Swing State Sanity!
A majority of voters in three key swing states for the 2016 presidential election agree with Pope Francis’ calls to confront climate change. Voters in Colorado, Iowa and Virginia also said they believe climate change is caused by human activity, Quinnipiac University found in a poll released Wednesday.

Why do all these scientists persist in pursuing climate change, which has no biblical basis, when they should be trying to resurrect Reagan?- Tea Party Cat

Rock The Voter News

So cops can't just murder people in their custody after they pull them over for no reason? Jeez, you liberals have soooo many rules!- Tea Party Cat

The idea that black people deserve violence for daring to live in a country they were dragged to has been with us since our founding.- LOLGOP

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Canada Beats USA For Largest Land Oil Spill In North America!
By the time a contractor spotted a burst in the wall of an Alberta tar sands pipeline on July 15, a spill was already well underway. In a public apology on Friday, the pipeline’s owner, Nexen Energy, announced the spill was contained, but the cause, and the length of time it had been spilling, was still unknown. Thirty-one thousand barrels (roughly 1.3 million gallons) of bitumen, water and sand had spilled—a greater volume than even the 2010 Kalamazoo River spill in Michigan, still the largest land spill in the U.S.

Business/Tech News

If undocumented corporations came across the border at least America would treat them like people.- John Fugelsang

Apple Broke Antitrust Rules?
A consumer group is asking federal regulators to look at whether Apple broke antitrust rules while establishing its new music service.

WebMD says I’m a schizophrenic. We laughed and laughed. -



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Birds of a feather flocked together.


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