Friday, March 26, 2021

Dominion Voting sues Fox for $1.6B over 2020 election claims

Dominion Voting Systems filed a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News on Friday, arguing the cable news giant falsely claimed in an effort to boost faltering ratings that the voting company had rigged the 2020 election.

Please let karma be real, please let karma be real, please let karma be real....


The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Georgia to Allow Some Voting in Certain Situations. - Andy Borowitz



Voting Rights Groups Sue Georgia
Voting rights groups on Thursday night filed a lawsuit just hours after Georgia enacted a Republican-crafted law that gives state lawmakers more power over elections and imposes a raft of new voting restrictions.

Hey everyone, thank you for your support. I’ve been released from jail. I am not the first Georgian to be arrested for fighting voter suppression. I’d love to say I’m the last, but we know that isn’t true. - Rep. Park Cannon


Republican Shenanigans

Imagine calling yourself a "Christian" and thinking following Jesus means giving people weapons and denying them water. - Mikel Jollett


Top Michigan Republican References Assassinating GOP Lawmakers Who Voted To Impeach Trump
Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser made a reference to "assassination" during a conversation about GOP lawmakers who voted to impeach former President Trump at a Republican club meeting.

If you can only win an election by making it harder to vote, you should not hold elected office. - Sen. Amy Klobuchar 



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Report Suggests Union Support Would Surge If Every Member Got One Of Those Sharp-Looking Teamster Bomber Jackets. - The Onion

Rock The Voter News

America is on the verge of being majority people of color.

Curtailing the votes of Black and brown people is the last gasp of white supremacy.

This is the whole truth. - Victoria Brownworth


Republicans Blast Biden Press Conference For Failing To Offer Helpful Tips About Ingesting Bleach. - Andy Borowitz


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Elon Musk & His Anti-Union Tweet

As someone who failed his first driving test over parallel parking, pouring one out for the Suez Canal captain. - Bill Weir, CNN





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Time To Deflate Photo

The resplendent quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno), found in cloud forests from southern Mexico to western Panama.

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