Monday, May 1, 2017

The Whitey Tighties

Priebus: Trump Considering Amending or Abolishing 1st Amendment
A number of press reports have picked up this exchange this morning between ABC’s Jonathan Karl and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. But people have missed the real significance. Priebus doesn’t discuss changing ‘press laws’ or ‘libel laws’. He specifically says that the White House has considered and continues to consider amending or even abolishing the 1st Amendment because of critical press coverage of President Trump

According to a new CNN poll, 44 percent of Americans approve of the job President Trump is doing as he approaches his 100th day in office. While the other 56 percent said, “It’s only been 100 days?!” - Seth Myers

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

If you are one of the people confused about why the civil war happened...slavery. Start there. - Christopher C. Cuomo

Smoke & Mirrors?
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said he could not commit to visiting the White House after President Trump invited him this weekend, saying “I am tied up.”
“I cannot make any definite promise. I am supposed to go to Russia; I am supposed to go to Israel,” he said...

Sebastian Gorka is the first--but probably not the last--Nazi to be forced out of the White House. Think about that. - George Takei

trump's civil war comments will seem pretty quaint when the nukes start falling. - @echedgar  tweet

Republican Shenanigans

The White House invited reporters to bring their kids with them this morning for Take Your Kids to Work Day. Or as Trump calls it, every day. - Jimmy Fallon

GOP Renew Attacks On Pelosi
Move over Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Republicans have a new campaign boogeyman. Well, sort of new. It's more of an encore for Nancy Pelosi, the 77-year-old House Democratic leader who spent four years as the nation's first ...

Ivanka keeps doing business out of the WH. She should peddle a skincare line. Her dad’s presidency is aging the sh*t out of us all. - Bette Midler


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Yale Republicans = cru·el·ty
callous indifference to or pleasure in causing pain and suffering.
Yale University's local College Republicans chapter held a barbecue on Friday near the fasting site of campus union organizers participating in a hunger strike directed against the university. Bragging about the wafting, delicious smells on Facebook, it appears to have been a move to torment the fasting grad students, who have thus far gone days without food in a protest for their worker's rights struggle.

Rock The Voter News

FYI: I'll bet my bank account that Hillary, given 30 minutes, could write an accurate longform essay on the causes of the Civil War. - Charles Clymer

Abracadabra:China Could've Hacked The Election
In conversation with John Dickerson, the president suggested that maybe it wasn’t Russia behind the email hacking that took place during the election season that led up to his presidency. In fact, it “could’ve been China,” he said.....

When will PocoPenis Trump stop calling Senator Warren "Pocahontas?" - Madeline Begun Kane


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Biz/Tech News

Report: American Dream Now An Out-Of-Court Settlement. - The Onion

If Anyone Believes This I Have A Bridge In Brooklyn To Sell
President Trump said Monday he’s considering breaking up major Wall Street banks, and could support bringing back a Depression-era law separating consumer and investment banking.

The year is 2052, President Cooterpie has declared war on That Island of Plastic Garbage in the Pacific, and the Stones are still touring. - Conan O'Brien


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Time To Deflate Photo

Car Polo ...never really caught on after some early mishaps.


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