Thursday, March 2, 2017

Life is so f-ing fleeting

My good friend Joe died in Peru last night.

Joe Foster. It was an honor to have known him

Vietnam Vet. His unit was bombed, he was the only one to survive. He was found by a US Army patrol days later, naked and burned. Needless to say PTSD controlled his life thereafter.

He ended up in Peru and loved the country and married a lovely Peruvian woman. He was very generous to his community in Tacna. He helped the poorest of the poor -- the orphans.

Several years ago Joe told me of a young 12 year old girl who lost her feet in a fire. He had his PC tech put together a computer for her so she would have a skill. His heart was so full of love.

His soul will be sadly missed across many oceans.

Pura vida, Joe.

He loved AHNC and music.

This is for you, dear Joe.

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  1. so Sorry for your loss Lisa, Joe sounded like a wonderful person.