Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Trump Aides Assure U.K. That Spying Claim Won't Be Repeated
Top White House advisers assured U.K. officials they won’t repeat allegations that British intelligence helped spy on President Donald Trump before his election, as the administration tried to prevent a domestic political row from spilling over into one of the U.S.’s most important international relationships.

Donald Trump is like Saint Patrick except he led all the snakes into the White House. - OhNoSheTwitnt‏

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

If You Think this Unhinged F*ck Won't Go To War with North Korea to Distract us from Russia & his Failures-YOU haven't been paying attention. - Fiona Adorno

The Trump Effect
An airline passenger accused of kicking and mocking a Muslim worker at a Kennedy Airport lounge was indicted Thursday on hate crime charges.
Robin Rhodes, 57, of Worcester, Mass., yelled “F--k Islam! F--k ISIS!” after he assaulted Rabeeya Khan, at Terminal Two’s Delta Sky Lounge at 7:10 p.m. on Jan. 25, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown office said.

Kim Jong-un is a Madman and Must be Stopped, Says Man Who Thinks Oven is Spying on Him. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

Seth Myers on Trump: “How dead inside do you have to be to not want old people to get food? Your heart is so small it makes your tiny hands look like catcher mitts.”

Aw. Tillerson Tuckered Out
...A joint news conference aside, Tillerson spent almost 2 1/2 hours with Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida including a dinner, and another hour with Prime Minister Abe. But his meetings with Yun and Hwang were each confined to about an hour, without a lunch or dinner gathering. Seoul officials said the US side opted not to have a meal together, citing the secretary’s “fatigue.

Hillary traveled 1M miles as SoS
Tillerson needs a time out on his first trip -  Eric Boehlert


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It doesn't seem like Donald J. Trump needs to increase the defense budget so much when he's only declaring war on the poor, the sick and the elderly.- Andy Borowitz

Rock The Voter News

Trump Budget Calls for Gradual Elimination of Every Living Thing on Planet. - Andy Borowitz

Trump wouldn't shake hands with Angela Merkel. Trump never looked at Merkel, not once. At the 38 second mark the press asks for a handshake. No response from Trump -- an agonizing 17 seconds till the video ends. Merkel looked amused. Trump didn't.

Trump was worried a strong German woman like Angela Merkel might crush his tiny hands. - Alt.Fed Employee


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Donald Trump shows once again his inexperience and lack of chivalry standing next to Ms. Merkel. She's now the leader of the free world. - Vincente Fox, former President of Mexico

Biz/Tech News

There are people working in the White House who wouldn't make it past a first job interview with Applebee's. - Andy Borowitz

Trump Isn't Doing Business In Russia. Russians Are Doing Business With Trump, In Florida.
 During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald J. Trump downplayed his business ties with Russia. And since taking office as president, he has been even more emphatic...But in the United States, members of the Russian elite have invested in Trump buildings. A Reuters review has found that at least 63 individuals with Russian passports or addresses have bought at least $98.4 million worth of property in seven Trump-branded luxury towers in southern Florida, according to public documents, interviews and corporate records.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde


They were pussies.


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
A snail eating a blade of grass.


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