Thursday, March 16, 2017

America Is Reliving The Andrew Jackson Years

Huck: Trump Should Ignore Travel Ban Ruling, Like Jackson With Trail Of Tears
President Donald Trump may want to avoid taking legal advice from former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.
After a federal judge on Wednesday ordered a hold on Trump’s revised travel ban, Huckabee urged the President to ignore the ruling, citing Andrew Jackson’s refusal to enforce an 1832 Supreme Court decision affirming the sovereignty of the Cherokee Nation. Jackson rejected the decision in Worcester v. Georgia, leading to the forcible expulsion of some 15,000 Cherokee from Georgia along the Trail of Tears. Some 4,000 died on that journey.

Trump Says He Has Been Treated Very Unfairly by People Who Wrote Constitution. - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

The funny thing is the same people that believed America was "losing" now believes it's "winning." - Tea Pain

Nazis, Russians, We're Screwed
Sebastian Gorka, a top national security adviser to President Trump, stonewalled when BuzzFeed News asked about a report that he belongs to a Nazi-allied group.
“Send a request to White House press,” Gorka told BuzzFeed News.

Meanwhile, the White House is also criticizing Rachel Maddow, saying it’s “totally illegal to steal and publish tax returns.” They said the documents should be released the proper way: by having a Russian hacker give them to WikiLeaks. - Jimmy Fallon

Trump December 2015:  “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”
President Donald Trump's ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, defended the administration's new travel ban in an interview that aired Thursday, asserting that “it's not a Muslim ban” and that she would “never support a Muslim ban.

"I'm sorry we can't afford Meals on Wheels," Trump will say aboard Air Force One as he makes his fifth trip to Mar-a-Lago since inauguration. - Adam Smith

Republican Shenanigans

Dept. Of Vocabulary Adjustment
As Congress looks into his claims against predecessor Barack Obama, President Trump is trying to alter the meaning of the term "wiretap".

Sean Spicer reminds me of the kid who would stuff a whole pack of Bubble Yum into his mouth just so he wouldn’t have to share it. - Conan O'Brien

Someone Is Impersonating Obama
Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for the former president, told CNN's KFile, "These pre-recorded calls were not authorized by President Barack Obama, have no connection to the former President, and have been reported to appropriate law enforcement authorities.

 Trump made $150 million in income, paid $38 million in taxes in 2005. Some people were surprised he paid any taxes at all. 2005 was an off year for everyone. Johnny Depp made that Willy Wonka movie. Kanye West and George Bush had that problem. Harry Potter’s goblet caught on fire. And Donald Trump accidentally paid some taxes. - Jimmy Kimmel


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Pretty cool that Muslim ban blocked by Chinese-American AG arguing on behalf of Syrian-American plaintiff before a Native Hawaiian judge. - Julia Carrie Wong‏

Rock The Voter News

Canada's Trudeau Gently Hints To Ivanka Not To Hate Foreigners
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday invited first daughter Ivanka Trump to a Broadway musical that celebrates openness to foreign travelers.

The thing about Meals on Wheels wasn't just the food. Those volunteers checked on clients, might be the only person they saw all week. - Susie Madrak


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Biz/Tech News

Here’s the thing: Donald Trump is never going to release his taxes — or the kraken, or Melania, for that matter. - Jimmy Kimmel

Trump's Bigly Budget Bombing?
Defense hawks, rural conservatives and even some of Donald Trump's most vocal supporters in Congress sharply criticized the president's first budget proposal on Thursday, pushing back on the huge potential hike in defense spending as insufficient...

Russia may have trouble getting athletes to compete in the 2018 Olympics after their big doping scandal. People were confused — they were like, “You can rig an ELECTION, but not a urine test?” - Jimmy Fallon


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Rosalynn and Jimmy look pleased as punch.

Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

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