Wednesday, January 11, 2017

RICO Laws. Just throwing that out there.

Trump drops ‘no new deals’ pledge
'President-elect Trump should not be expected to destroy the company he built,' a Trump lawyer said Wednesday.

Trump has literally melded his personal businesses with the US government and has announced a pathway for foreigners to submit bribes. - Ryan Lizza

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Hope you enjoyed Obama's speech. You won't hear anything so cogent and kind for a long time. So, with complete sincerity: THANKS, OBAMA. - Stephen King

Trump's 1st Fully Orchestrated Press Conference
Donald Trump took questions from the media Wednesday for the first time since he was elected president on Nov. 8. And he quickly put to rest the idea that his rapidly approaching presidency would fundamentally change his tone, style or basic approach ...

Trump says fighting ISIS is "Number one tricky."
Which happens to be the name of the service he ordered from the Russian call girl agency. - John Fugelsang

I Wonder What Revenge Trump Will Take Out On McCain
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) says he delivered a dossier to FBI Director James Comey late last year containing unverified claims that Russia had gathered compromising information on President-elect Donald Trump.

Republican Shenanigans

"I guess I'm not so gross after all."
--Anthony Weiner
- Andy Borowitz.

The best part of the new Tump leak will be how everyone giggles when they say the word 'leak.'- John Fugelsang

That reminded me of a Soviet press conference. More speakers than questions, more flags than answers.- Garry Kasparov


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Rock The Voter News

"To Joe Biden, the scrappy kid from Scranton who became Delaware’s favorite son: you were the first decision I made as a nominee & the best" - President Obama

I Guess That Trump Will Remove Hillary's Name 
Hillary Clinton made a rare and low-key return to Washington on Tuesday for the ceremonial opening of a new exhibition and museum area at the State Department that will be partly named for her.

FBI had both "Russians have blackmail info on Trump" and "There are irrelevant emails on Weiner's laptop."
Guess what they publicized.- Dante Atkins


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Biz/Tech News

Rightwing pro-torture corporatist who threatens press that don't portray him flatteringly frets about Nazi Gemany.
Satan hi-fives Roy Cohn.- John Fugelsang

Tillerson Is In Vlad's Back Pocket
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) asked Rex Tillerson point-blank whether Vladimir Putin was a war criminal — and Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of state blinked.
“I would not use that term,” said Tillerson, the longtime chief executive of Exxon Mobil who was awarded the Kremlin’s Order of Friendship in 2013 .

I'd like to publish a photography book of very recently born babies and call it 'Not Cute Yet.'- John Fugelsang



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

After such an ugly day, I wanted to look at Claude Monet's "Water Lilies."


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