Thursday, January 5, 2017

Revenge shall be mine says the Trumpet

Trump considering plans to restructure intelligence agency
President-elect Donald Trump is considering plans to restructure and slim down a top U.S. intelligence agency, a person familiar with the discussions said Thursday. The move comes after Trump questioned the intelligence community's assessment that Russia interfered with the presidential election on his behalf.

If Twitter goes down, American foreign policy will have to rely on skywriting.- Conan O'Brien

The World Is A Safer Place Without Trump

Nobody is accusing President-elect Trump of hostility to all intelligence gathering. He profited enormously from the work of Russian spies. - David Frum

Nothing To See Here. Move On.
More than 150 financial institutions hold debts connected to president-elect, analysis shows.

Why does Trump again and again and again take it upon himself to be Vladimir Putin's defense lawyer? - Sen. Tim Kaine

Republican Shenanigans

Make America Sick Again - brought to you by Prayer Against Care. - John Fugelsang

Fox & Trump Unite
Rupert Murdoch moved swiftly and unexpectedly to fill the void opened up by Megyn Kelly’s departure for NBC. Thursday morning, Fox News announced Tucker Carlson is taking over Kelly’s 9 p.m. slot. Carlson’s ascension to prime time is significant in several ways, the most crucial being this: It’s another sign that Murdoch is pushing Fox News in a more pro-Trump direction.

Call me a Hollywood elitist, but I think it's unconscionable that the richest country in the world would go back to bankrupting the sick. - John Legend

Ineligible Electors? Why, Of Course.
At issue are charges that many of those who voted for Donald Trump were ineligible to serve as presidential electors because they either didn’t live in the congressional district they represented or because they held elective office in states legally barring dual officeholders.


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Rock The Voter News

Because nothing says "small gov't" conservative like gangs of old white men telling you what you can do with your uterus.- The Baxter Bean

Republicans Want To Shut Down Democratic Cities
After consolidating power in Washington, D.C., and state capitals under President-elect Donald Trump, Republicans are moving to prevent large cities dominated by Democrats from enacting sweeping liberal agendas.
Republican state legislatures are planning so-called preemption laws, which prevent cities and counties from passing new measures governing everything from taxes to environmental regulations and social issues.

We simply cannot afford to spend $80 billion annually on incarceration. - President Barack Obama

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Biz/Tech News

The only thing Donald Trump has in common with his supporters is that they've all chosen to reject intelligence. - John Fugelsang

GOP Lining Up Their Ducks To Deal With Pesky Federal Employees
House Republicans this week reinstated a procedural rule created in 1876 that allows lawmakers to cut the pay of individual federal workers down to $1

When God closes a door, throw a chair through a window.- John Fugelsang



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

A beautiful agate that looks like a scene out of "Pirates of the Caribbean."


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