Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trump Priorities: Angry Twitter Rant At Food Critic

Trump attacks Vanity Fair: 'Way down, big trouble, dead'
President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday blasted Vanity Fair, claiming the magazine was in "big trouble."...A recent article in Vanity Fair said Trump Grill — a steakhouse in the lobby of Trump Tower — could be the worst restaurant in America.

"Mom, tell me about 2016."
Well, honey, people were upset about a woman's emails so we let Nazis take over. - OhNoSheTwitnt

The World Is A Safer Place Without Trump

At this point, the only way Trump's supporters will turn on him is if he does something crazy like praise a Muslim or respect a woman.- OhNoSheTwitnt

The Axis of Evil.
Aleppo Destroyed By Assad, Putin and Iran
Watching the fall of the ancient Syrian city of Aleppo has been excruciating. Civilians who survived weeks of intense shelling have reportedly been slaughtered by the forces of the Assad government as they have fled the battle zone, some shot in house-to-house searches. Thousands more are trapped with no food, water or shelter. “This is a message from someone saying farewell and who could face death or arrest at any time,” a medic wrote on a messaging service. The United Nations called the catastrophe a “complete meltdown of humanity.”

The anti-Semitic hate mail I just received did a lot to alleviate my fears of Russian-backed Nazis taking over the federal government. - Seth Masket

Republican Shenanigans

Trump built his political career on the racist lie that Obama was an illegitimate President. Plot twist: he's now the illegitimate President. - The Daily Edge

Trump Must Sit For Deposition Next Month
The federal judge presiding over a lawsuit Donald Trump brought against a celebrity chef who cancelled plans to open a restaurant in his new Washington, D.C. hotel has ordered the President-elect to sit for a deposition in New York during the first week of January.
D.C. Superior Court Judge Jennifer A. Di Toro ruled on Wednesday that Trump must sit for the deposition, which may last for up to seven hours

In order to get Donald Trump to meet with them, CIA repackages briefings to discuss threats in proximity to Trump Hotels. - Tea Party Cat


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If Russian hacking was so important, Hillary should've emailed it to Podesta so the media would cover it when Russia posted it to Wikileaks. - Tea Party Cat

Rock The Voter News

Wait until Trump supporters find out that Hanukkah starts on Christmas Eve this year.- OhNoSheTwitnt


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Biz/Tech News

Blaming Putin for Trump’s Victory Overlooks Role Played by Idiots, Experts Say. - Andy Borowitz

How Texas Corporations Take Care Of Texans
 Corpus Christi, a Texas Gulf Coast city, is warning its 320,000 residents not to use tap water because it might be contaminated with petroleum-based chemicals, prompting a rush on bottled water and the closure of local schools.



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

My friend Yvonne left this world last night. She was an extraordinary woman, unlike anyone I have ever met.

Yvonne was Swiss and grew up in hard times during the depression. After her basic schooling she studied nursing and became a midwife, she went on to help our boys in Vietnam courtesy of the Swiss government. The Swiss government also sent her to North Africa where she fell in love with Marrakesh in Morocco. Oh, how she loved Morocco.

She traveled many oceans blue and married a US Army officer and had two children and a grandson she all adored.

Yvonne spoke several languages. She settled in the northeast US for awhile and eventually moved to the Florida Keys where she continued her nursing, including trudging through waist deep water to help injured victims during hurricanes. That is one reason she left Florida for Costa Rica-- too many hurricanes. We often joked that we traded hurricanes for earthquakes and volcanoes.

Ten years ago she settled in Costa Rica and loved the beauty and adventure of the country.

I met Yvonne in 2012. I am a recent friend of hers. Her neighbors, Vicky from the US and Candy from Canada were so helpful to her. Her friends are like reading an international dinner menu. She adored Donato and his mother Ileana who are Italian and took such good care of Yvonne after her surgery and in the recent weeks. She missed her friend Christof who returned to France a few years ago but she still kept in touch with him. And I cannot say enough good things about Yerlin who had been staying nights with her the past few weeks.

One of my last conversations with Yvonne she told me how grateful she was for the loving care she received not only from the medical community but from her Tico friends and I will vouch for that. Costa Rica hearts swell with love naturally, but especially in a time of need.

My long time viewers may remember me posting photos of the time Yvonne and I got stuck on the backroad to Playas del Coco. Or her 80th birthday. Or the time I turned her onto Hawaiian pizza at the Portofino restaurant on Tamarindo Beach. Or our lunch at Capitan Suiz, an elegant resort in Playa Lagarto where the monkeys were dropping "things" on people. I will miss her laugh. Ah, Yvonne, I am not ready for you to leave.

Bon voyage, mon ami, bon voyage.

Je suis de tout cœur avec vous.


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