Thursday, December 1, 2016

No it isn't a dream, the nightmare continues...

Democrats salivate over Trump business conflicts
Senate Democrats believe that Donald Trump's business empire - and the vast financial holdings of some of his Cabinet nominees - gives their party an enormous target to hobble his agenda.

Reports are, Trump offered government contracts to keep Carrier jobs in Indiana. Our pig of a president is now offering pork in barrels. - George Takai

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

America has to stop all this violence overseas so we can focus on doing nothing to stop violence back here in America. - John Fugelsang

Lithuanians Know Russia
Rasa Miskinyte spent last Saturday in a freezing forest near Lithuania's capital learning to gather water from a pond with a condom, to filter it through sand, charcoal and cloth, and to make her own stove from a beer can. She thought some basic survival skills would be helpful if Russian troops ever entered Vilnius and her family escaped into the woods.
"Russia is a very dangerous kind of neighbor," said Miskinyte, a 53-year-old film producer. "They are always aiming at us."

President Obama only has 50 more days to declare himself dictator, invade Texas, take away our guns and make us gay-marry Muslims.- Tea Pain

Republican Shenanigans

Republican code word translated: *Privatization* means they want your money for their donors. - Snarky Pundit

Trump Loading Up On Military Brass So He Never Has To Leave Office
Trump is interviewing current and former military brass for Cabinet positions, including erstwhile CENTCOM commander Gen. David Petraeus, retired Marine Corps Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis and the former head of Southern Command, Gen. John F. Kelly. He's already appointed retired Gen. Michael Flynn as his national security adviser and met with Adm. Mike Rogers, head of the National Security Agency and US Cyber Command.

Donald Trump is also considerin' Sarah Palin to head the "Department of Blamin' Stuff on Obama." - Tea Pain

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Rock The Voter News

Recount Update
Sen. Tim Kaine said Thursday morning that Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign felt compelled to take part in the recount efforts launched by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, even though “we're very doubtful that the outcome is going to change.

Sarah Palin says God made Trump win, confusing God with slaveowners who demanded an electoral college during the constitutional convention. - John Fugelsang


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The secret service protecting Donald Trump might have to rent two floors of trump tower, forcing taxpayers to pay $3 million in rent back to trump's company. Trump said that is absolutely not true and the rent is $4 million.- Jimmy Fallon

Biz/Tech News

The way Donald Trump negotiated the Carrier deal shows us his idea of "winning" is givin' a bully America's lunch money.- Tea Pain

Self Tying Laces! No More Tripping!
Nike Inc. this week begins selling a pricey sneaker with self-tying laces, a high-stakes test of the company's technology investments and efforts to sell more products directly to consumers.

Having Trump as President is basically our way of telling the world that America failed its IQ test.- Andy Borowitz


Bills Are Due on the 5th!

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Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

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  1. I spent 2 years (off & on) in "P.I" while in the US Navy. I almost wish I was there, again...almost...

    1. You will probably be forced back into service once Trump starts a war with China.